What do I do with a spider with an egg sac?

I've been plagued by spiders lately, even some as big as the palm of my hand (I live on a ground floor next to the woods.) I've eliminated most by spraying and found one today that I sprayed until it rolled over and died. I noticed it had a white kind of bubble like protrusion on its underside near the back. Is this an egg sac? And since it's dead do I have to worry about it or do I need to take care of those too? Thanks!

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  • 4 years ago
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    Well, first off, poisons are going to be far more dangerous than any spider you will find indoors, especially the larger spiders, none of those are dangerous at all.

    This is spider mating season, so spiders are going to be plentiful for a while.

    These big spiders are usually the larger wolf spiders or fishing spiders.(nursery web spiders)

    Both quite harmless.

    A female wolf spider may be seen carrying her egg sac attached to her back side as such:


    A female fishing spider will carry her egg sac in her mouth:


    Now these are outdoor spiders, but also the last spiders that have to be killed.

    You might catch them with the deli cup/paper trick, and release them outside.

    If wolf spider eggs hatch, the babies will ride on mamas back a week or two,

    With those in the house, don't smack ot threaten them, the babies will scatter.

    Gently cover the spider with a deli cup, brood and all, gently turn over, and take all of them outside and gently release in the rear of your yard.

    I use to make sport of catching these big spiders by hand, and never bitten. they are not aggressive or offensive. (maybe a bit quick if spooked.)


    Youtube thumbnail

    I had fishing spiders around living in Florida:


    I doubt your egg sac will hatch now, just flush the works down the loo.

    Source(s): Been around spiders 50 years.
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  • John
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    4 years ago

    I would consult with a professional on this immediately. Anything the size of the palm of your hand is getting close to the size of a tarantula. You better be VERY CAREFUL because some of these could be poisonous and be crawling around at night.

    • daniel g
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      4 years agoReport

      Anything bigger than a 50 cent piece will be quite harmless, even tarantulas.

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