SWIFT Transportation Starter Careers?

I've got a question. I've been thinking about getting into doing tractor trailer driving. I got my CDL B, and I can handle THOSE kinds of trucks quite well, but my B isn't going anything for me since I have no experience. All the light truck jobs require experience, yet say they are entry level. Go figure.

So, the two companies I'm deciding between so far are SWIFT and Werner.

Now, the one thing I really would rather do is local/dedicated... the pay is lower, but still better than working at a warehouse...

I've only seen a few testimonials, can't really find many. My question is, do they offer any kind of dedicated routes for guys who've just gotten out of their CDL training program (or in simpler terms, new drivers)? Really wondering. I'd like to start off with a decent company with decent home time. A kid I knew from high school who went with the company told me he usually gets 2-3 days off a week, but he won't tell me much else. (I'm not really friends with him and I'm not gonna pump him for answers when I don't even know him. Hello, internet). Anyway, let me know, folks. If this helps, I'm in Pennsylvania. If you know a good company to start with in what I'm looking for, shout it out.

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    #1 rule of trucking... "If the wheels ain't turning, the driver ain't earning."

    A driver who is home 2-3 days a week isn't earning any serious money. An AVERAGE solo driver will drive 2000-2500 miles per week. When I planned a route I always figured on 50 miles per hour, and 500 miles per day. That includes time for food, fuel and rest stops.

    Swift and Werner are both Long-Haul companies that carry full truckloads of freight between factories and regional distribution centers to local stores or warehouses. Your average haul will be between 750 and 1500 miles, and as a rookie driver, you'll get paid 26 to 30 cents for every loaded mile that you drive. Frequently, at the end of that 1500 mile run, you'll have to sit and wait for another load, which may take you 1500 miles further from home. Don't plan on being home every weekend or even more than a day or two every two to three weeks.

    Source(s): I'm a retired long-haul trucker (CDL-A)
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