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In what year did the OSS start missions against the Axis?

I'm doing research for a novel I'm writing about an OSS operative who infiltrates German command in Paris to prevent the invention of a top secret weapon of terror that could change the course of the war. I've set the novel in late 42. Unfortunately, I don't know a lot about the OSS except from bits and pieces of info from credible sources such as books on espionage and the service itself. So, if there are any history buffs out there, which month of either 1942-43 would the OSS have started their operations? Thanks.

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    The OSS, earlier called the COI, had just really started in 1942. (Actually November 1941).

    They depended heavily on British Intelligence as a mentor as the Brits had been doing this for some time.

    You know of course that an OSS agent in China was your favorite chef Julia Child, right?

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      Yes I do. So was actor Sterling Hayden and western director John Ford.

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