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What Roles did Slaves Fill with their participation in helping build the White House?

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    Unskilled Slaves & Indentured Servants dug up the foundation, loaded & unloaded wooden flanks & beams, bricks, stones, slates, marble, from horse drawn carriages and carrying building materials to the build site. Slaves & Indentured Servants cooked for & serve workers at the build site by 1802 slave labor was no longer used or wanted. Free Masons were professional builders in Britain & British Colonies in North America, George Washington was one of their members. James Hoban designed the Executive House with Inputs From George Washington & Thomas Jefferson. Master Engineers, Master Architects, Master Carpenters, Masons, Master Black & Silversmith of European Descent measured, precisely cut, & meticulously erected the building using wooden crane technology Europeans has been using since the Dark Ages to build Castles.

    The executive house just as frigates, schooners, & galleons require highly skilled ship builders from Europe. The only other ethnic group that rivaled Europeans in building Palaces & Giant Ships were Orientals specifically China where the compass, rudder, fore & aft sails, paddle wheeled boats, & water tight compartments centuries before Europeans incorporated them.

    Steam Industrialization from Newcomen's, Watt's, & Trevethick's inventions were not yet available in the Colonies which would require educating commoners & peasants in masses out of churches & homes to maintain the industrial industries outlawing the slave trade & abolishing slavery. Private Colleges for Nobles & Aristocrats existed in Britain (Oxford University) since 1096 AD/CE & Harvard 1636 in the U.S. former British Colony/Commonwealth.

    Plumbing, Flushing Toilet, Sewers, Telephone, Electricity, Ethernet, & Fiber Optic where Installed much later after the U.S. Civil War by skilled professionals such as the Westinghouse Electric Company. Sewage, Plumbing, Flushing Toilets, Telephone, Electricity, & Internet is not technology or Knowledge that existed or was indigenous to Sub Sahara Africa. Electrical discipline/school's curriculum were establish by Michael Faraday, George Ohms, Gustav Kirchhoffs, Henrich Rudolf Hertz, Nicola Tesla, & Thomas Edison.

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    About 400 were used.

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    Grunt labor. But, Bill O'Reilly assures us that they were well fed.

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    They were unpaid laborers. Their owners rented them to th builders.

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    they chose the paint;

    oh, and they were well fed, housed, entertained, etc etc :


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