Dodge Challenger for big guys?

So I'm contemplating buying a Dodge Challenger because they look bad ***. I'm 6'4-6'5 and about 340 ish. I wonder how spacious this vehicle is. Right now I'm in a ford F 150 and it's really spacious. I've driven a mustang and felt like a closterphobic rat inside of a small bag filled with other rats while smoked in gas being tossed into a meth lab, very uncomfortable. So please help

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  • Andrew
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    4 years ago
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    It is less spacious than F150, bigger than Mustang though. Sure looks bad ***, but if you going fishing hunting, camping, off road, you can forget about it. Challenger is a city car. It will be ok on unpaved even road, but once you get off road, you are screwed big time bro...=D

    If you are really in Dodges, get at least RAM 1500. But all Dodges have some weak spots in electrics, mechanics and transmission. Read reviews online, you will know before you waste your money.

    However I went off road, fishing and camping in Dodge SUVs (Durango) and trucks (RAM). No complains there they are spacious and capable.

    In reality if your F150 is still in good shape and does not give you much trouble and made in about 1991, that is most probably one of the best reliable trucks out there on the road. =D

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  • 4 years ago

    I'm sure there's a dealership in your neck of the woods that will let you take one out for a tester. That's the only way to find out for sure if the car fits you, or you fit the car.

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