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how much does it cost to pay someone?

when I m in my 20s I want to live in Oregon. my friend wants to live with me for the first month I m there. I wanted to know if I can pay someone to drive the Uhaul truck from where I am to Oregon and if so how much does it cost?

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    If you want someone else to do the driving then get quotes from moving companies or look into those POD's or Mobile Mini units where you basically fill a shipping container and they deliver it to your new location.

    You can always ask friend's & family if they would be willing to drive a U-haul to your destination for a fee. I would think that an out of work college student would be happy to get $50/day plus expenses. You'd be expected to pay for the truck rental, all gas, lodging, and meals on top of that price. Plus you have to provide a way for them to get home such as a plane ticket or whatever. When you add all of that up, its probably cheaper to just pay for the mobile container or something.

    Another option is for you to make multiple trips. Drive the U-haul to your destination, fly home, then drive your car. Or just tow your car behind the U-haul truck on a flatbed trailer.

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    That kind of defeats the purpose of a U-haul. A mover might cost $90/hr. If you're paying someone you know to drive a U-haul, then maybe a third of that?

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    You should ask your friend to catch a bus to you and help you drive.

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