Help getting a job! First time job as an adult?

I have no vehicle to go apply for jobs like, Wendy's, public, McD, Taco Bell, Walmart but they're up the St from me, most of them are online apps so I filled the app out but I haven't heard from any of them, how can I get a job, not just at those places but anywhere? I'm not good at selling myself I'm shy and get embarrassed easily or nervous what can I do to be brave and ace the interview and finally get a job so I can save up for a car,etc?

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  • 4 years ago
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    I'm 19 a y/o male & ive had multiple jobs. I can help u a little bit. Firstly it's best to go in and hand your resume to a manager. Online applications are not very affective since a lot of people can apply online. Practice answering question in front of a mirror or have a friend/family member ask u basic job interview questions.

    Ex-why do u want to work here? What will u do for our company? Why should we hire u? What's makes u a good worker?

    These are sample interview questions & reenactin a job interview will help u build confidence & most likely get u the job. When u do land the job, make sure u don't talk with coworkers that much. Only talk of its work related. u go to work for the money, not to make any friends.

    Stay safe, and Good Luck.!

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    4 years ago

    First follow up with on applications you have already sent out.

    As far as selling yourself. Take a look at the morons that work in those places. Are they better than you in any way other then they have a job?

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