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What is a U.S Marshal?

So my buddy and I were at my high schools empty parking lot, and he was teaching me to drive stick and as soon as I was done practicing we were doing cookies. After that, we were pulling out and we saw someone approaching us on foot and we really couldn t see them, he just kept yelling stop so my buddy turned his lights off so he couldn t see his plates because we didn t knew who it was. As he was approaching, his hat said U.S Marshal and his coat said the same thing. I told my buddy it s a U.S Marshall so he just peeled out as fast as we could to get out of there. So my question is what is a U.S Marshal? What do they do? My buddy and I don t even know what they do. I m kinda scared but we defiantly know he didn t get our plates because my buddy turned his lights off when it was dark.

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  • Joe
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    3 years ago
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    The Marshals Service is a Federal law enforcement agency; part of the Justice Department. They have specific duties at the Federal level. While they usually have good relationships with local law enforcement, their duties do not include local traffic law.

    He probably would have just told you to move along. (Using the high school parking lot this way is illegal, but not in his jurisdiction.)

  • Bruce
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    3 years ago

    The US Marshal's Service is a federal agency with three missions:

    1. Security for federal judges and federal courthouses,

    2. Transportation of federal prisoners, and

    3. Serving federal arrest warrants.

    They have no authority to enforce traffic laws.

  • keith
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    3 years ago

    Behaving defiantly is very childish.

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