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The Difference Between Donald Trump and HIllary Clinton Choosing between the lesser of two evils what do you think?

1. Donald Trump- His policies for what he wants to do I like and I'm for HOWEVER the only thing that's really iffy is hes STRONG White Supremacist, and Neo Nazi Follwers Thinking he could be the next Hitler. When hes done with the Muslims and the Mexicans Whos Next, Catholics, Blacks, Asians, Jews. Will he eventually Plan to Ethnic Cleanse everyone till America is only White Christians. Or Will he be the Amazing President that we hope he will be. The one thing is Trump will make Change which is what I like about him, but the only thing is.... he could be Hitler....

The Next Evil is HIllary Clinton

I think the Direction that Hillary Clinton Will Ruin America, Opening our boarders for Syian Refuges to come in. Look What happened in Germany. The Same thing is going to happen to us if she allows it. Hillary will just sit on her butt and talk like Obamas talks saying how trageic it is in her speeches when that time comes. Hillary Clinton goes behind the U.S Citzens and sides with Terriosts and spends money for them for Oil which is wrong. How can we win against Isis if where the one funding him.

So with the Lesser of Two Evils

I choose Donald Trump, Cuz I like the movement that he going for Cuz I agree that our military is poop.

Then only thing is the American people who are not White Christians should arm them selves and form their own Miltia just in case Trump could actually become Hitler and perform Ethnic Cleansing.


Some of Donald Trumps Supporters are White Supermisasts and Neo Nazis is what I meant to say not trump

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    Trump is not able to deport millions of Hispanics (less than half of whom are Mexicans). The other branches of government will stop that. There is nothing wrong with demanding strong vetting of refugee Muslims. Muslims attempted to take over Europe at least four times in the past. (Wikipedia - Caliphates.) Europe is finding thousands of refugees who did not even come from Syria or Iraq. About one out of a hundred Muslims is a terrorist.

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    The fact that Trump has white supremacist followers says absolutely nothing about the man himself as a candidate. What you don't understand is that the white supremacists in this country have always endorsed one of the political candidates. It just didn't make the news before because the Left wasn't trying to convince people like you that the Republican candidate was a racist.

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    I believe Trump is the BEST candidate for the United States.....for ALL Americans.....all LAW ABIDING Americans.

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    All I know is I am voting for trump just like obama's brother is.

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    I say choose the greater of two evils and go all the way.

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    well the thing is, trump's not a white supremacist in any way and i know you are joking about that

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    Hitler built a racially united and wealthy nation.

    The opposite of the US today

    Prove me wrong

    Hitler was right. Demographics is destiny

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    Hi yes the rest of the world is holding it's breath. incase this descendant of time NAZI gets into power.

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