How can I get a guy to notice me?

I'm 15 and going to be a junior in high school (I skipped a grade - I won't be 16 until Feb) and I haven't had a boyfriend. there are a few guys that I have likes (and that I like now). I am not trying to brag, but I am smart. I take all honors and AP classes. I play field hockey and I am on the swimming team at school. I am 5'2 and around 135 lbs. I have red hair and blue eyes, and fair skin. I'm telling this because I want to know what features I should accentuate if I want to get attention. Also, I do not think I am pretty. I do not have a confidence issue, even though I am shy, I just don't see myself that way.


I also want to know what I should wear to accentuate my features. I have 34 Ds (not using that to get attention - just stating) I am also relatively popular. Again not trying to brag at all...just trying to get an opinion

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    4 years ago
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    Well the thing is I don't know what your features are like, other than colorwise. I don't know the shade of your red either. Like is it true red, is it a dark shade of red, or auburn, or strawberry blonde... I'm also not sure why you don't think you're pretty- are there features you want to sort of tone down, and features you want to play up?

    Edit: OK, seen your comment. I guess what you want is not too much of a glam makeup look, but more a natural one. You won't look goth if you do the makeup right. Maybe using a powder bronzer would help to avoid that, just don't go too heavy on it. Maybe getting a dark brown eyeliner would be better than black. I even wonder how blue would look on you, especially with your eyes. Also if you use shadow with the eyeliner, it won't look harsh. I would use one with a little bit of shimmer or pearly finish, not matte, and a more neutral color. If I were you I would take some time one day to experiment with different makeup looks. You could even go to a department store to the makeup counter which usually will try some makeup on you for free. I'm thinking maybe you're kind of like a Julianne Moore look, the pretty redhead actress? Well she does color her hair so sometimes it is dark red and sometimes it is more true red and brighter or strawberry blondish. And I'm not sure if her eyes are blue or green but I think they're blue. She usually goes for the natural makeup look. If you search images of her, try to find images big enough so that you could see her makeup. As for what you should wear, well it's hard to say. I think you should only wear things/styles you're comfortable with wearing. I don't know your body type other than your weight/height, but I'm guessing you have an athletic/fit body type. I don't think you should try to accentuate your chest (I don't mean you have to hide it, but don't go all low-cut tops you know), because if you do you'll start attracting the wrong type of guys. Also since you want boys to notice you more, just make sure you're dressing girly enough and often enough. If you just wear tees and sweatshirts, for example, and baggy pants or something, you won't be attracting too many boys.

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      My hair is true red. It is darker in the winter and blonder in the summer, but red. I like the color of my eyes, I want to play that up. But it's hard because my fair complexion is difficult to wear eye makeup with, I look gothic. I love makeup and fashion, but can't wear a ton

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