Should i switch schools?

So i recently moved to a new area and went to a highschool for 3 months, i liked it at forst and i really liked this guy and he lived in my neighborhood, we dated and suddenly he broke up with me. It took a while but i got over it. Sadly i skipped class with a few friends to get my min off things. Then recently i had another thing with a guy in this School ane my neighborhood and he screwed me over too. I just feel so embarrassed to even get on the bus. Ofcourse im going to sit alone.ita my senior year and i want to have fun.but switching is a hard decision. The School, i like & i have a few good friends. But the other near by school is also really good & i know people in that school from the area i moved here mom also has friends, whos daughters go to the school, so thwy would show me around and make it easier for me. Also im going to try my best to get my license in november, so i wont have to ride the bus either way. Now the question is should i switch or not. All this has caused me so much stress, i have hypothyroidism and my hairloss has been getting worse. Please help

2 Answers

  • 5 years ago

    Switch schools it seems like relationships in that school don t end up that stable in the long run anyways.

  • 5 years ago

    no don't switch schools because of that

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