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How to make 3.5 week old kitten poop?

I have a 3.5 week old lost kitten I found yesterday. I've been taking care of her and got her formula and she's been eating well and urinating when stimulated. I've tried massaging her rear end with a warm wet washcloth today but she hasn't pooped yet for some reason. She's very healthy other than that and has been playing, etc. I don't live near a vet so that's not an option. Plus, I can't afford a vet by any means, so please don't suggest that. I'm doing my best to take care of her. Please help me. Thank you.


it's possible she's 2.5 weeks instead of three. it's hard to tell.

Update 2:

thanks everyone! she finally went!!! :)

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    A mother cat would stimulate the kitten to begin the reflex to relieve her kittens. By doing that, you are doing the right thing. Be patient.

    A cat that young can often have socialization issues, so be very affectionate and provide lots of tender loving care. Without a mom cat and litter mates, kittens can develop personality flaws. So, read up on how to care for your cat's mental health. It is important.

    I realize you do not want to incur vet bills, but as a pet owner, it is responsible to have your cat neutered or spayed and to get rabies shots when necessary. I learned that the ONLY shot required by law is a rabies shot. Your vet may want to talk you into feline leukemia shots and other shots, but again, the ONLY shot required by law is Rabies. This info helps with your vet bills.

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    Call a vet for advise, I dont think they will charge. For the safety of your cat don't listen to all advise from strangers.

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    I don't think anythings wrong with it, it will probably start pooping soon lol

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    try rubbing her tummy gently with a warm cloth that usually seems to do the trick.

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