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How did (and do) Armored vehicles turrets turn?

With my recent interest in World War 1 and the armored vehicles within, I saw the Rolls-Royce armored car and fell quite deeply in love. One question I wanted to ask is, in the era it comes from, how did the armored car turn its turret?

And how did other vehicles, like the Mark tanks, turn their cannons?

I get the users can angle the weapons themselves, perhaps that's the case on the Mark tanks and the female versions machine guns, but what about the armored cars? or biplanes, even.

I get that this question may just be the dumbest thing some of yuou may've read and I aplogize, but I like having more opinions and information from more people.

I need sleep.

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    Depends on the vehicle and its variant.

    Light turrets are generally manually operated. IE you use your body mass to swing the gun around.

    Medium and heavy turrets are/were either manual mechanical (manual crank attached to gears that move it around), electro-mechanical (switch or lever attached to an electric motor that moves it around), or a combination of the three.

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  • Gears and manual cranks

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  • Jason
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    Usually now by an electric motor and you use a joystick.

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