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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicPolls & Surveys · 5 years ago

name this E family?

surname: Eveningdale, Erikson, Eustrom, Euwing

-- Dad --

first: Eric

middle: Maxwell, Jeffrey, Adam, Jeremy

-- Mom --

first: Emily

middle: Molly, Reign, Hailee, Ava

-- Daughter --

first: Erica

middle: Amaya, Lucy, Coraleine, Hannah

-- Son --

first: Evan

middle: Devin, Gable, Cole, Hugh

-- Son --

first: Elliot

middle: Charles, Asher, Jared, Brady

-- Triplet Daughter --

first: Emma

middle: Mora, Renae, Bellamy, Amelia

-- Triplet Daughter --

first: Emersyn

middle: Kyndall, Joliette, Riley, Adelle

-- Triplet Daughter --

first: Eloise

middle: Makenna, Maude, Mallory, Margo

-- Daughter --

first: Ellery

middle: Ophelia, Natalie, Brette, Chloe

-- Son --

first: Ethan

middle: Jaxson, Silas, Isaiah, Vin

-- Twin Son --

first: Eli

middle: Roman, Milo, Kyler, Malcolm

-- Twin Daughter --

first: Eden

middle: Macy, Norah, Leire, Ruby



Eric Maxwell Eveningdale + Emily Ava Eveningdale

Erica Lucy Eveningdale

Evan Cole Eveningdale

Elliot Brady Eveningdale

Emma Amelia Eveningdale

Emersyn Kyndall Eveningdale

Eloise Margo Eveningdale

Ellery Natalie Eveningdale

Ethan Silas Eveningdale

Eli Kyler Eveningdale

Eden Norah Eveningdale

4 Answers

  • ?
    Lv 5
    5 years ago
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    Surname: Euwing

    Dad. Eric Maxwell

    Mom. Emily Ava

    Daughter. Erica Lucy

    Son. Evan Cole

    Son. Elliot Brady

    Daughter Triplet 1. Emma Renae

    Daughter Triplet 2. Emersyn Adelle

    Daughter Triplet 3. Eloise Makenna

    Daughter. Ellery Ophelia

    Son. Ethan Isaiah

    Son Twin. Eli Roman

    Daughter Twin. Eden Macy

  • 5 years ago


    Dad: Eric Maxwell

    Mom: Emily Ava

    Daughter: Erica Lucy

    Son: Evan Cole

    Son: Elliot Charles

    Triplet Daughter: Emma Amelia

    Triplet Daughter: Emersyn Riley

    Triplet Daughter: Eloise Margo

    Daughter: Ellery Ophelia

    Son: Ethan Silas

    Twin Son: Eli Roman

    Twin Son: Eden Norah

    Thank you! This was fun

  • layla
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Eric Adam Eveningdale & Emily Ava Eustrom

    Erica Lucy Eustrom (G)

    Evan Cole Eveningdale (B)

    Elliot Charles Eveningdale (B)

    Emma Renee Eustrom (G), Emerson Riley Eveningdale (B), Eloise Maude Eustrom (G)

    Ellery Ophelia Eustrom (G)

    Ethan Silas Eveningdale (B)

    Elias Roman Eveningdale (B), Eden Macy Eustrom (G)

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago


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