I'm writing a fanfic about a bipolar schizophernic. What would it be like for him as he goes insane? What behaviour would he display?

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    My best friend had schizophrenia, and I knew him when he was younger before the schizophrenia altered him. I say "had" because I haven't seen him in 6 years. He was not "insane." But the disease did cause abnormal behavior and delusions.

    I've known many schizophrenics, and I lived in a State Mental Hospital for two years, so I lived with them. A schizophrenic can act strangely and suffer from delusions, while at times they can seem perfectly normal.

    The movie "A Beautiful Mind" is the best movie I am aware of concerning schizophrenia. John Nash, in real life, was a brilliant mathematician who began to believe that the CIA was sending him secret encoded messages through newspaper and magazine ads. So he looked for patterns and decoded them. He went on a trip to Europe and vanished, because he thought Soviet agents were after him. Back in America, he was committed to Trenton Psychiatric Hospital (my Alma Mater), where he was placed in an insulin-induced coma.

    Nash was an unusual case in that his schizophrenia regressed as he got older. In the movie, he stopped taking his his medication because it caused impotence- his wife wanted to have physical relations with him, but couldn't with the meds. It is a common complaint with psych meds.

    A schizophrenic will yell out and even talk at his "voices" but will never interact with his hallucinations (one of the Hillside Stranglers tried an insanity defense but was caught faking it because he "shook hands" with his alleged schizophrenic hallucination.) The voices might call him a "fag" or a "homo" so he'll yell out "You're the fag! I'm a man!" One guy in the State Hospital would act normal around people but as soon as he was alone, in the bathroom for instance, yelled "Don't you accuse me of that! Don't you accuse me of THAT!" while pounding on the walls.

    My friend always thought people were calling him names, and we'd walk into a pizza joint and he'd turn to me and say "If that guy in the blue T-shirt calls me a fag one more time, I'll kick his @$$! I am NOT a fag! I am NOT a homosexual!" The blue-t-shirt guy was either silent or asking the other guy a question. This sort of thing happened all the time, although he was taking court-ordered injections at the time.

    Unless you've spent a lot of time with schizophrenics or suffered yourself, including a very thorough education in psychology, you ought to rethink this. Portraying a schizophrenic accurately and convincingly is going to take work- you can try to volunteer in a homeless shelter or mental hospital, and get to know schizophrenics this way.

    A common misconception is that schizophrenics are violent. They are MUCH more likely to be a victim of violence that a perpetrator. It's just that when a schizophrenic person commits violence, it is senseless. An example is a case of a man released from a facility who pushed another man in front of a subway train. Or a son who murdered his father with a Samurai sword because he thought he was the devil. But most schizophrenics are vulnerable to violence, my friend mouthing off to random people, or because of homelessness and its inherent dangers- especially when the person is not thinking straight.

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    Bipolar Disorder and Schizophrenia are two completely different mental disorders. Someone who has both is diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder. If you are that ignorant about mental disorders then don't do it. All you will manage is to improperly portray both Bipolar and Schizophrenia which contributes to the stigma that we live with a fight against everyday. When Stephen King wrote Insomnia he spent weeks at a sleep institute studying insomnia and what the lack of sleep actually does to someone. If you want to write about illnesses as complicated as Bipolar and Schizophrenia, you should spend weeks if not months researching them so that you can do it properly.... otherwise all you produce is garbage.

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    It would be better to choose a different subject.

    People with schizophrenia are NOT insane. They're ill.

    And everyone is different.

    Unless you have first-hand knowledge of mentally ill people and are prepared to spend a couple of years studying the subject, whatever you write is going to sound ill-informed and very fake.

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    You are a fan of bipolar schizophrenia? I don't get it.

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    You obviously have no idea about this subject. As someone with mental illness and family members with it, I am cautioning you about writing about such a sensitive subject when you obviously have not done any real research about it. If you decide to write it anyway, please don't share it with anyone

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    Multiple personality disorder

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    Feeling of going beyond the things he sees, crazy stuff poping randomly in his head, the urge to do dangerous stuff

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