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Sig mpx for SBR conversion. Do I want pistol or rifle as a starter?

After several ideas picking my next firearm I decided to give the sig mpx a try. I really want to get a double stamp on this one and get it sbr and suppressed. For a base gun while I wait for the paperwork and background check to go through do I want the pistol or the full length? When converting which will be cheaper? I want the mp5 style but stock on it. WilL it be cheaper to have that installed on the pistol or length taken away from the rifle? Let me know. And soon I shall begin the long several month wait for an sbr. Thank you!

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  • 4 years ago
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    The nice thing about the MPX is that it is designed to be easily convertible into multiple configurations. The bad thing about the MPX is that all those convertible parts are proprietary so that your only manufacturer is likely to be sig sauer. So you will likely be limited to the 3 style stocks that Sig Sauer sells for the MPX.

    If you want an MPX SBR, then the cheapest and easiest way to do it is to actually buy the SBR. It is the same price as the carbine. Nothing else to buy to convert and no extra required engraving you have to pay for to turn it into the SBR. The drawback is you have to wait until you get approval from the ATF before you get it delivered to you.

    If you want to do the conversion, then starting with the pistol config is the best way to go for two reasons:

    1. Sig MPX stocks are much easier to find than Sig MPX barrels (and probably cheaper.)

    2. Once a rifle, always a rifle. If you purchase it in rifle config, you might be able to convert it to an SBR, but you can never convert it to a pistol config (if you would ever want to do that). On the other hand you can convert a pistol to a rifle and back as long as the original configuration was a pistol.

    BTW: If you build what you want you are NOT getting a "double stamp" on the rifle. You are getting one stamp for the rifle to make it an SBR and another stamp, not connected to the rifle) for the suppressor (which can be put on any firearm).

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    • bill4 years agoReport

      A as in the pistol?

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