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how do you buy doughnuts in the shop?

There is a doughnut shop near my house and to be honest, I never really bought a doughnut before. Usually I buy them from a little packaging that they sell in safeway.

Can i just buy the doughnuts saying

"can i get this one, this one this one?" like chosing whatever doughnuts i want fromt the little thing


is there any specific thing to say?

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    Every doughnut shop or bakery I've been in will sell you one, or two, or three, or any number of whatever it is you want. You pick the ones you want, they put them in a box or bag. It helps if you first tell them how many you'll be buying, so they know how big a bag or box is needed.

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    There is nothing specific you need to say, you just go in, look the donuts over and just tell them you want whatever. Keep in mind (probably) if you are going to get 5 it will probably be cheaper to buy 6, the same for a dozen. If you are going to get 7 or 8 then get a dozen. You can also tell them to pick you out 6 or a dozen, and they will pick out whatever they grab.

  • Robyn
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    5 years ago

    Yeah it's pretty simple, you see the doughnuts in the case, you say "I want that one" and there you go.

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    I take it you don't get out much in society do you? Of course, you tell the clerk how many you want, and you pick out the ones you want. Really!?!?!?

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  • 5 years ago

    buy a dozen, and pick the ones ya want

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    You should start with how many total you wish to purchase. Then you choose which kind.

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