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Hey Liberals answer me this?

During the hostage crisis, Jimmy Carter banned Iranians and Shiite Muslims from entering the U.S, had the FBI re-evaluate those within our borders, and then deported Shiite and Iranian students. How come when Trump wants to ban Muslims from our country he's a racist but when Jimmy Carter, a democrat, does he isn't a racist?

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    President Carter was a smart man but for a smart man he made a huge number of mistakes. I don't like to think about him in any way what so ever.

    I Cr 13:8a

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    Carter did nothing about banning shiite muslims. He invoked sanctions against Iran which included a freeze on issuing visas to Iranian passport holders. That is a pretty standard response when another country attacks your citizens.

    He did not ban muslims, or even shiite muslims.

    That you feel the need to lie so egregiously in order to try to pretend there is a valid comparison simply highlights that there is not.

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    5 years ago

    Stop relying on right wing media for truth ... It will rot your brain.

    You should read this Politifact report:

    Why Trump's Muslim ban isn't like Jimmy Carter's actions on Iranians

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    That's not true.

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