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Why is anyone who isn't a Skinny Fat*** [Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks] acclaimed 'Roided Up'?


I would enjoy someone like Geese to provide third party evidence that Japanese Professional Wrestling matters outside of The land of the rising sun, Asuka, Hideo Itami and Shinsuke Nakamura got signed to World Wrestling Entertainment was Buzz. This had zero to do with being over in Japan, anyone can get over in Japan. David Hart Smith is over in Japan for example.

Update 2:

Geese here would enjoy claiming that anyone who isn't a Skinny Fat*** [Phil 'CM Punk' Brooks] is 'Roided Up', that Hunter Hearst Helmsley In-Ring Psychology includes getting 'Roided Up' for a match and that all Triple H does is 'Punches, Kicks and Pedigrees'.

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    Shawn Michaels did steroids and he wasn't huge. Anyone can do steroids.

    If Nakamura, Itami, and Asuka, were signed due to buzz, wouldn't that mean they were over. If Triple H sees money in you, then he will make sure to get you signed.

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      There's no way of knowing if they will be a draw on the main roster until they debut. Nakamura had a great match with Sami Zayn. That's one reason to 'Tune In' to see him.

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  • 4 years ago

    Cm punk hasn't failed a drug test, the other wwe wrestler turn ufc fighter did though.

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  • Jacob
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    4 years ago

    Because professional wrestling fans are fickle

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  • 4 years ago

    "dave" lives in a bubble CONFIRMED

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