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Are bengal cats good pets?

I've done my homework and know everything about bengals.

I know they're sometimes dog-like ,

They come from the ALC abd should not get a cat F1-F3 , they're hyperactive and loud. Not lap cats, and that's something i like about them, i dont want a couch potato.

He would not be allowed to go outdoors without supervision or a leash, he would not be left alone at all since theres always people in my house and i have a golden retriever, and i think theres not a big difference between a retriever and a bengal, my retriever has a lot of energy and will get destructive and/or loud when he is bored.

Im looking for a personal experience, i mean like what is your experience with a bengal?

I would get a male kitten and would neuter him as soon as possible if not neutered by breeder. No declaw

So, do they make good pets?

Answer my question please, dont tell me to adopt a cat or stuff like that. This would be the first pet i would buy. After adopting 6 dogs, one is with a family member, The retriever inside my house with me, and the other 4 live outside, the cat would not be with them, just with my retriever.

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    You did your research but do NOT get a Bengal any less then an F5 - ask the breeder the generations on his/her cats. There are backyard Bengal breeders, so do your research. Breeders in ACFA (in my opinion) have better Bengals and higher quality Bengals then those in TICA.

    You may be put on a waiting list (reputable breeders will neuter/spay BEFORE they leave home at 3-4 months old). Do NOT get anything from craigslist - they are NOT Bengals - they are domestic tabby cats. Look up American Cat Fanciers Association and check out the breeders list for Bengals and contact them.

    • Carlos3 years agoReport

      Yes, i would only get a bengal from reputable registered breeders

  • Rae
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    3 years ago

    I just got my second Bengal not long ago. He was a year old when I got him, and I was his 4th home. The homes he had before did not understand this breed. I have 2 neutered males now, the first I got from a reputable breeder as a kitten. Both have bonded deeply to me and get stressed if they have to be away from me for an extended period of time. Honestly, they are almost a full time job. I have missed family holidays because I cannot just leave them with food and water for days. I think they'd break my stuff if no one was here to watch and exercise them, so I have to board them if I go out of town. I love them dearly though so I'm happy to do it, but after getting my last Bengal and dealing with all of his issues I strongly suggest you go spend some time with these cats at a cattery. Any reputable breeder will let you do that if you are interested in buying one of their kittens. They're easy to fall in love with but they are also a lot more work than the average cat, even the SBT's.

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    Are you comparing a cat with a dog??? Get the dog.

    I had a beautiful bengal F4 cat for three years. She was not a lap cat, but really needed to run and jump. I usually found her on the top of my refrigerator.

    She was clicker trained but it took work. I also had her on a raw food diet. She took constant time and care. Yes, she gave back so much fun and trust. She was euthanized due to a genetic problem. She will be in my heart forever.

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    Bengals are incredibly intelligent, energetic, and friendly. You will want to make sure you have time to play with them, though, because that energy needs a good outlet or itll go into opening the fridge and pushing out your dinner instead of cute, harmless, kitty antics. Walking them on leashes and teaching them tricks like sit, jump, or play dead is a great way to get the most out of your bengal and make sure theyre healthy and happy. As long as you take care of their energy and make sure they are healthy, theyre incredible pets. Very recommended :)

    Source(s): Studying cat breeds and behavior for many years!
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    I'm a cat person, and I'd say that any cat is a great cat! Even if it tries to lick your face off. Especially if it tries to lick your face off.

  • 3 years ago

    I dont have a problem with people who have lots of animals, but come on. You let your dogs stay outside year round? Hopefully there is not a single breeder who will adopt to you.

    • Carlos3 years agoReport

      Stay inside for about 5 minutes then they all gather up at the door until i open it so they can go back out.

  • 3 years ago

    Also my dog's trained and i would train the bengal too.

  • 3 years ago


    They are not like dogs and can't be trained like one. They need an insane amount of exercise, are very, very vocal, since they are part WILD cat they will act it. They BITE, scratch, climb anything and everything, are very destructive, have a specialized diet as in you can't feed them cat food.

    Since you are so lazy you keep four dogs outside 24\7 there's no way you can handle something that is part wild cat. Surrender them all to a rescue

    Adn there's no way you adopted the dogs since they are not spayed and neutered and you want to breed them. You BOUGHT a bunch of ill bred mutts.

    • Marie3 years agoReport

      seriously this person was a jerk i apologize on their behalf carlos

  • 3 years ago

    No breeder would allow you to buy one of their kittens with FIVE dogs in your home. WTF? That's surely not even legal where you live. Are they all altered, up to date on shots, licensed?

    • Carlos3 years agoReport

      All of my dogs have their shots and fixed. Licensed?
      What part of adopted didnt you understand?
      Yes they're legal.
      The only dog they would habe contact with is with my retriever.

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