Won a small claims. Defendant sent money, but it was not the total. Emailed her and now she put a restraining order. What can I do?

On June 24, the judge awarded me $855. I have not talk talk to the defendant at all since court. 3 days ago she sent a check to my parents home of $200. So I emailed her to know when she will give the rest of the money or what is the deal so I can know. I sent her 4 emails. I do not live in the same area anymore. I am 10 hours away because I got a job. But recently my family told me that a policeman went to look for me to serve a restraining order obviously I am not home. But I have never threatened the defendant I just wanted to know what what the deal or how she was going pay me, but she never responded to me. What can I do?

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  • 4 years ago
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    There is NO WAY they have a permanent restraining order this quickly. If you have actually been served with a temporary restraining order, it tells you when and where to appear for the hearing to determine is a permanent order will be issued. SHOW UP and present the facts as stated here. Unless she can show there is FAR more to the story than you claim, the restraining order will be denied, and the judge will 'advise' her to pay the judgement so you have no reason to contact her.

    • Yes there is no police reports or anything. I haven't talk to her at all for any reason. Just emailed her because i wanted to know about the money. I have the emails saved and everything.

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  • 4 years ago

    If she was given a deadline by the court and doesn't meet it you can take her back to court. Have your parents mail any money she sends to you. Not much else you can do with a stupid person.

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  • Yeti
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    4 years ago

    You should be sending written letters via certified mail, not emails.

    You should look into the court process for enforcing your judgment rather than pestering her.

    Otherwise, you need to share more information about why she owes you money in the first place and how you know her.

    • The judge awarded me $855 because we have a bill together and didn't want to pay it. She was my ex. Haven't talk to her at all since May. Just emailed her to ask if she was going give the rest by the end of the month or if she was going give the money in payments.

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  • 4 years ago

    Let it go, you're never going to see the money.

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