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What two countries hate each other the most in the world?

Besides Israel/Palestine and other Arab nations and North/South Korea, pretty much because I've heard about them already and wanna learn about new nations feuds

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    There is no Palestine nation. They are a colony of Israel under occupation. Saudi Arabia and Iran; Scotland and England; Northern Ireland and Irish Republic; Somalia and Ethiopia; Greece and Turkey; Chechnya and Russia; Bahrain and Iran; Venezuela and Colombia; Okinawa and Japan; Hong Kong and China; Saudi Arabia and Yemen; India and Pakistan; Syria and Turkey.

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    • Robert
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      The Jewish People cannot therefore logically be accused of placing their own ancestral homeland under any form of alleged "occupation": You can read about the Jewish Hasmonean dynasty here:

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  • MH
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    4 years ago

    In general no two countries hate each other. It's about government.

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  • Robert
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    4 years ago


    I refer to contributor Flower's answer, that has been given best answer, who writes: "They are a colony of Israel under occupation":

    The Palestinian territories are indeed Palestinian colonies on soil of the Jewish kingdoms of Judea / Israel.

    In 1948 the Arab countries attacked the newly re-established State of Israel with the intention of ethnically-cleansing the Jewish Community from Israel, but lost the war. Jordan then occupied the West Bank and Egypt occupied the Gaza strip; neither offered these areas to the Palestinians:



    The Palestinians have two territories (West Bank and Gaza) (or colonies on Judean / Israelite soil) which the Palestinians run themselves with their own army and police.

    The following is how the Palestinians obtained these territories:

    In 1967 Israel gained control of these areas and as an attempt by Israel at “land for peace”, the Palestinians were later given autonomy for the West Bank and Gaza strip by Israel as part of a peace process which anticipated further negotiations for a peace treaty.

    Since then, the Palestinians:

    > Refuse to negotiate any peace treaty.

    > Claim the whole of Israel.

    > Consider themselves at war with Israel.

    > Attack Israeli Jewish civilians as policy:

    The following may also be found to be helpful:


    (For Palestinian Terrorist attacks in 2016 scroll down to the heading “January 2016”:)



    Please scroll down the following webpage where the information is to be found under its heading: “Comments”:




    4) 2016:


    5) 2015:


    6) 2014:


    I hope this helps.


    Source(s): Please click the sources linked above, or copy their address to your web browser's address bar.
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  • 4 years ago

    Israel and Iran probably, or the Koreas

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