I know people love me but I'm just a lil depressed can you talk sense into me?

I'm not the type of person that just speaks to anyone. I know my worth. Most people don't talk to me. I guess I just mind my own business. If people knew the truth they'd all want to speak to me but I'm kinda glad they don't. I'm like a mix between the nerd and class clown. I feel like a bad person though. People got their own lives doing whatever they do. I used to be close to my family but they're all moving on & it's alright they're not my real family. I'm stuck in love w/ this girl mind u she's 21 & I'm turning 17. We texted each other how we felt we were amazing. She expanded & claimed I was smart sweet chill. In person she'd constantly claim how cute I was & I think she flirted cause she said i was sexy but idk. I think she hates me 2-3 weeks ago I texted asking if she was alright. I feel like she was just being nice & actually hates me. I don't blame her I always tell people good morning & ask how they're doing & they tell me to hang myself. My dad & I don't have much of a relationship it's like our roles are reversed & my mom is sick so I can't really go out but I'm not bitter she's like my daughter. But I feel so crushed cause the girl didn't reply to my DM. My friends say I can be an egotistical *** home sometimes but they know I mean well. I don't think she'd care if I died. Just cause she said she loves me doesn't mean anything she's got a bf. Maybe She wants me out of her life so I stopped texting. I was stupid enough to fall for her twice

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    5 years ago
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    Stop whining. Trust me you'll feel a hell of a lot better when you stop acting like a boy and start acting like a man. Moping about crap accomplishes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. So why whine about your problems and feel sorry for yourself? How is that gonna help the your situation in the slightest?

    You are unhappy with your life? Then do something about it.. And stop falling in love over text messages and DM's. That's not real love. Go out and find a girl that you can be with in person. To hold, kiss, and make love to.. You can do it. The only question is.. Will you?

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