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What do bottom-up fashion and top-down fashion mean?

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    Bottom-up is when a street wear style worn by a few in a trendy neighborhood or as part of a specific music or lifestyle scene is copied by higher end brands or by a big designer. Zandra Rhodes was famous for her Bottom-up punk collection in the mid 1970's inspred by visists to the thriving punk scene in London England and in modern times Hip Hop started as an underground music scene and style long before Gucci and Prada began making tear away pants and logo t-shirts

    Top Down is when a high level Couture collection of dresses costing ten of thousands of dollars is re-interpreted for Ready to wear and mass market clothes found in any and all malls. Boho is a good example -it stared in the mid 1990's with collections by LaCroix, Gauthier, and Galliano. By the late 90's early 00's it was in high fashion shops and some style savvy early adopters were wearing boho and hippy inspired clothes. Now Boho is everywhere from high fashion to Old Navy and Target. Other notable top-down was Dior's pastel goth from over 10 years ago. Five years after the original collection skulls adorned everything, from men's wear to baby clothes.

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    Top-down is if a fashion trend debuts with a few designers, like in Paris or London, and then the trend spreads around the country or world from there.

    Bottom-up is when regular, common people start a trend, usually because it's practical, and it works its way up until people at the top start designing version of it themselves.

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