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Story Names List, Your Thoughts?

The Names Are:












Story Names List, Your Thoughts (my name's Skyler, is Skye too similar for a character name even though the character is NOT based off of me?)

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    Clementine reminds me of the country bumpkin stereotype, since there's a western folk ballad about a girl with that very name. It also reminds me of citrus, energetic and sunny feelings, and the color orange.

    September strikes me as a soft, grey name, since that's the weather that I see in that month. I imagine a girl named September would have large eyes and wear sweaters whenever possible. I think she'd be shy. I also associate "September" with "Green Day".

    Rosalyn seems like a name belonging to an innocent cherub-child who grows up to be a stern, matronly woman. I associate Rosalyn with being rosy and having a gentle soul.

    Minnette makes me think of someone quick and shrewd with an affinity for elaborate hairstyles. Associated words: Minnow, Minnie Mouse, Marinette, barrette.

    Winter, to me, seems like she'd be a sardonic brunette with freckles across her face. Her parents probably didn't plan for a child.

    Skye seems carefree and maybe daring, although the strongest associations I get from this name are the color blue and a character from Agents of Shield.

    Jerrimy - the way you've spelled it here - reminds me of sewing equipment. The name give the impression that its owner, like a regular Jeremy, would have curly hair but, unlike your typical domestic Jeremy, would sport a spindly frame. I can't help but think he wears black and shops at Hot Topic.

    Noah would be a bit like the male version of September, but he doesn't give off a sense of being physically frail. I associate Noah with hobbies beloved by introverts.

    Tyler strikes me as a name belonging to an athletic, freckled person. This guy is probably a jerk or prankster.

    Lukas rhymes with mucus. I associate that name with Cartoon Network (specifically Ben 10). I imagine a Lukas with a K might be a skater with unkempt hair.

    BUT these are the thoughts of one person, so don't consider them too heavily while developing your story. If you're self-conscious about what people will think of you for using Skye as a character's name, don't force it. But if you don't think anyone will care because your story will blow them away, go for it. I, personally, like to look for similarities between an artist and what they create. So, yes, "Skye" might draw attention. Whether or not that affects your writing will be up to you!

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    the names are too unique. While unique names can be nice at times, too many can give the impression of trying too hard to make everyone interesting, over or underdeveloped characters, or even a sense of 'author's utopia,' where the author creates a character similar to him/herself but idealised, with an idealised life that the author finds would be interesting to have or cool to claim they had. I'll give my thoughts for each name, I guess.

    Clementine- good. 10/10 for this one, because it's that perfect balance of unique and common.

    September- absolute no

    Rosalyn- could pull it off but maybe the character can be nicknamed something else

    Minnette- slight chance you could pull it off, but it'd be tough

    Winter- no, way too commonly used or suggested to use in stories that always fail

    Skye- alright, I guess, but only if the character isn't too overdone

    Jerrimy- I'd bet you could pull it off, if you made the character not too fond of his name

    Noah- good

    Tyler- good

    Lukas- alright

    I don't want to sound rude or anything. I honestly want to help, and I know there are an awful lot of good writers out there who could write amazing stories if they just focused a bit less on having absolutely perfect characters. I really hope I helped!

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    The more usual spelling of Jerrimy is Jeremy. It sounds exactly the same, and many of your readers will think Jerrimy is a typo.

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