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How will the prophet find out all he needs to fulfill the prophecies?

The prophet of God will do the city of refuge in the state near a foreign border where's the city of the evil. He'll form a compound, he'll confiscate 2 buldings and a set of small buldings. The 144000 will be lodged there. The city will be dominated.

How will he do?

1- He'll obligated the inhabitants to give what he need?

2- He'll stock all things before.

3- He'll confiscate all things.

4- The group will fabricate the things etc.

5-None of the answers above.

I mean, they will need water, electricity, food, internet, cars, material to paint the bulding, material to conserve the bulding,

material to the lifts etc.For 3 years and a half.

Rev 17

Rev 11.

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    He needs to do a SWOT assessment using the six hats method and then create an action plan and SMART goals.

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    4 years ago

    The prophet is an idiot.

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    4 years ago

    try the akashic records

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