Is the condenser the root of the problem of my car s a/c system?

A bit of backgorund first, I bought my first car almost a year ago and I didn t have anyone to learn from growing up so I ve been learning as I go and from a friends dad.

A few months after I got my car I got hit by another car. The impact happened at a stop sign in a suberban neighborhood so it wasn t a strong hit. Considering our speeds I d say the impact was about 30 mph. She hit me right on my passenger side front wheel and once I got out I heard a hissing coming from the grill. I didn t know what it was due to me still learning.

After getting my cv joint replaced and the body repaired I went about my life but I noticed I had no cold air so I tried charging it with refrigerant. At first I noticed the gauge needle kept falling down slowly (pressure kept bottoming out) so I stopped. I tried again a few minutes later after making sure I was doing it right and the second time about 10 seconds in I heard a sleight hissing and some steam coming out from the grill area.

I m assuming that the hissing from the accident was the condenser. If this is the case how much would it cost to replace it? I m going to get it checked by a mechanic but I wanted to get an idea of what it could be so I don t get played. Thank you all in advance for your help.

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    4 years ago
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    There is no substitute for actually looking at exactly where the refrigerant is leaking. Yes, it could be the condenser, or it could be a damaged line or hose connected to the condenser. You will also need to replace some other parts like the receiver drier or accumulator since the system has been open and lost an unknown quantity of oil.

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