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How is baseball played?

My dad always like it he tried to teach me when I was like 8 and I told him that it's boring, ever since then we watched basketball.

I don't want to ask that, I want to surprise him that I want to watch baseball game with him. Of course I want to understand it first.


Thanks. =)

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    The players on the team at bat attempt to score runs by circling or completing a tour of the four bases set at the corners of the square-shaped baseball diamond. A player bats at home plate and must proceed counterclockwise to first base, second base, third base, and back home in order to score a run

    even if you don't completely understand it, you can still ask him questions about the game. i'm sure he loves to talk about it and would like to explain it to you.

    Tuesday night is the MLB's all star game. that'd be a good one to watch. The games best players face off in each league - NL vs AL. and the leagues winner gets home field advantage for the world series. so, if the NL wins, and a NL team like the Cubs make the WS, they get HFA.

    because of that, players play hard in the game like a regular or even post season game. it's not like other professional sports all-star games where it only seems half played.

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    And you expect to understand it enough based on a few sentences here?

    Explain anything you want to me in a couple sentences so I'll completely understand it, and then I'll tell you how baseball is played.

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