Relationship issues.?

I was 14 at the time- In 9th grade, there was this beautiful girl in my geography class that I sat behind her. She was a stunning red head, great personality, and had a sexy figure as well. She had some trouble in the first semester and I would help her out. We'd talk and hold hands. I was going to ask her out, but the day before friends were asking me "do you like her?" Peer pressure got to me and said "we're just friends". After that, we just talked once in a blue moon. 10th comes around and I was hoping to fix the issue, but I never saw her throughout the year. She had a brother in the same grade, but he seemed to be a bit too quiet and non-talkative (my opinion). I'm going into my junior year (16) and I hope to see her and ask her to homecoming. (Assuming I can find her) But getting to talk to her after two years is going to be a bit tuff, any tips?

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    Talking to someone you have not seen is the SIMPLEST thing in the world.

    (Depending on your personality/confidence level, Simple does not mean Easy.)

    Anyway... all you have to do is SMILE BIG and say "Hi stranger, you're that pretty girl that use to help me in class, years and years ago, when I wasn't too bright."

    She will smile, giggle and tell you it was the other way around. She will also LIKE that you called her "pretty".

    This is called and "Ice Breaker" and Flirting.

    Compliments and Humor can OPEN the door for you with just about anyone, especially Females.

    If you can't get Close to Her, when you see her... FLIRT.


    You Think It's a Weakness, It's actually in your FAVOR.

    "FLIRTING" is The most effective "NON" Verbal & Attention getting form of Communication. When you are Nervous, Scared, Inexperienced or just need a way to get someone away from a crowd or group of friends or Make Contact from a Distance. FLIRT !!!

    Let the person you are INTERESTED IN, See You Looking at Them.

    Not Stare… Look.

    "SHY" is in your Favor because you can BLUSH real easy, without trying.

    "BLUSHING" is in your favor, because it will MAKE Her wonder if,

    it's because of her, that YOU ARE Blushing.

    She will start thinking of YOU. (Wondering)

    When she looks again… whisper "Hi" to her.

    She will know its her, you're looking at.

    When she looks again… make your hand like a telephone

    and whisper "CALL ME".

    She don't have your number, but YOU HAVE

    Her ATTENTION and maybe INTEREST.

    THE ICE IS BROKEN. She knows you exist and she knows you like her.

    From now on every time you see Her, Smile at Her.

    Once in awhile say "Hi".

    Once in awhile Compliment her on something of her’s.

    (hat, hair, eyes, jacket, shoes, smile or giggle)

    "NERVOUSNESS" is in your favor

    when you tell the other person you are Nervous.

    After you make contact, TALK to her Face to Face. NOT Social Media!!!

    Just say: "I'm kinda NERVOUS talking to you, so if I mess up,

    PLEASE, don't think I'm an idiot… okay? I'm just nervous."

    She knows what it's like to be NERVOUS,

    She will be UNDERSTANDING & NICE to you.

    After that is Spoken, neither of you will be Nervous.

    Your BIGGEST WEAKNESS has lost all of its POWER

    and IS NOW IN YOUR FAVOR, because it is also a TOPIC of CONVERSATION

    She can relate too.

    This is called HAVING GAME. Practice this over and over and enjoy your future with the opposite sex. Just Remember to ALWAYS RESPECT THEM.

    Never be a DIK.

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      Mistakes will always let you know if you did it Right or NOT. You will learn MORE from Mistakes, than you will from being Lucky.

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