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Anonymous asked in Pregnancy & ParentingBaby Names · 5 years ago

Name this family?!?

Surname: Clemons, Ashley, Watkins, Johnson, Reyes, Greer, Black, Hudson, Bridges, Ford, Green, Noble, Hunt, Parrish

Paternal Grandma: Vivian, Hilda, Charlotte, Sarah, Emily

Mom: Veronica, Marian, Roxanne, Christina, Stacy

Daughter1: Regina, Louise, Alma, Teresa, Eva

Husband: Edmund, Will, Keith, Ernest, Nathan

Girl1: Alice, June, Anna, Adrienne, Madeline

Girl2: Georgia, Sally, Arlene, Helen, Taylor

Boy: Leroy, Melvin, Jonathan, Richard, Fernando

Son1: Frank, Alex, Clinton, Arnold, Gilbert

Wife: Loretta, Karen, Kelsey, Bianca, Lillian

Girl: Marie, Rosie, Tanya, Rosemary, Kylie

Boy1: Ed, Stanley, Lloyd, Calvin, Frederick

Boy2: Irvin, Anthony, Chris, Brandon, Kyle

Daughter2: Jo, Carolyn, Doreen, Natalie, Faith

Husband: Allan, Theodore, Dan, Arnold, Corey

Girl: Mae, Dawn, Carole, Candice, Kristin

Boy: Jay, Austin, Colby, Philip, Tyrone

Son2: Jose, Herman, Louis, Caleb, Edwin

Fiancee: Ina, Sophie, Stephanie, Heather, Amber

Son3: Joel, Leo, Timothy, Isaiah, Sean

Wife: Ida, Roberta, Janet, Maria, Joanna

Girl: Angelina, Breanna, Melanie, Tara, Angela

Daughter3: Jennifer, Wanda, Toni, Riley, Yvette

Husband: Alton, Mike, Adam, Carl, Nicholas

Boy1: Trevor, Blake, Brody, Colin, Wilson

Boy2: David, Ruben, Roosevelt, Claude, Mark

Boy3: Gregory, Levi, Leon, Leonard, Jesse

Son4: Dennis, Roy, Edward, Ayden, Charles

Wife: Naomi, Rebecca, Dana, Claudia, Lucy

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  • 5 years ago
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    Charlotte Vivian Parrish

    Christina Marian Parrish

    Eva Teresa Hudson "Evie"

    Nathan Keith Hudson "Nate"

    Madeline Alice Hudson "Maddie"

    Taylor Georgia Hudson "Tay"

    Jonathan Fernando Hudson "Jon"

    Alex Frank Parrish

    Lillian Karen Parrish "Lilli"

    Kylie Marie Parish

    Calvin Stanley Parrish "Cal"

    Anthony Kyle Parrish "Tony"

    Carolyn Natalie Bridges "Carrie"

    Theodore Allan Bridges "Theo"

    Kristin Dawn Bridges "Kris"

    Austin Phillip Bridges

    Caleb Jose Parrish

    Amber Stephanie Johnson

    Leo Timothy Parrish

    Maria Joanna Parrish

    Tara Angelina Parrish

    Jennifer Yvette Hunt "Jenny"

    Nicholas Adam Hunt "Nick"

    Blake Wilson Hunt

    Mark David Hunt

    Gregory Leonard Hunt "Greg"

    Charles Edward Parrish "Charlie"

    Rebecca Claudia Parrish "Becca"

  • Sam
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    The Hudson Family:

    Vivian Hilda Hudson

    Veronica Stacy Hudson

    Eva Louise Hudson

    Nathan Edmund Clemons

    Alice June Clemons

    Helen Taylor Clemons

    Jonathan Richard Clemons

    Alex Clinton Hudson

    Bianca Lillian Reyes

    Kylie Marie Hudson

    Calvin Lloyd Hudson

    Brandon Kyle Hudson

    Natalie Faith Hudson

    Allan Theodore Greer

    Dawn Candice Greer

    Jay Austin Greer

    Caleb Louis Hudson

    Sophie Heather Bridges

    Joel Isaiah Hudson

    Ida Maria Johnson

    Melanie Angelina Hudson

    Jennifer Riley Hudson

    Nicholas Alton Ford

    Trevor Blake Ford

    David Ruben Ford

    Levi Gregory Ford

    Edward Auden Hudson

    Naomi Dana Hunt

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Charlotte Vivian Ashley

    Stacy Christina Ashley

    Louise Regina Johnson

    Will Keith Johnson

    Madeline Adrienne Johnson

    Georgia Taylor Johnson

    Jonathan Richard Johnson

    Alex Frank Ashley

    Lillian Kelsey Ashley

    Kylie Marie Ashley

    Calvin Stanley Ashley

    Kyle Anthony Ashley

    Natalie Carolyn Green

    Dan Corey Green

    Mae Kristin Green

    Austin Jay Green

    Louis Caleb Ashley

    Stephanie Amber Reyes

    Joel Leo Ashley

    Maria Joanna Ashley

    Tara Melanie Ashley

    Riley Jennifer Hunt

    Adam Nicholas Hunt

    Trevor Brody Hunt

    Mark David Hunt

    Jesse Levi Hunt

    Charles Dennis Ashley

    Dana Lucy Ashley

  • ?
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    Emily Charlotte

    Veronica Roxanne

    Alma Teresa + Nathan Keith

    - Alice Madeline

    - Helen Georgia

    - Melvin Jonathan

    Alex Frank + Bianca Lillian

    - Rosie Marie

    - Frederick Stanley

    - Chris Irvin

    Natalie Faith + Allan Theodore

    - Kristin Mae

    - Austin Jay

    Louis Herman + Sophie Amber

    Sean Isaiah + Ida Maria

    - Angela Tara

    Jennifer Yvette + Nicholas Adam

    - Colin Blake

    - Ruben Claude

    - Gregory Leon

    Edward Charles + Rebecca Lucy

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  • 5 years ago

    Vivian Charlotte Reyes-Ashley

    Christina Marian Ashley

    Teresa Louise Ashley-Bridges

    Nathan Keith Bridges

    June Alice Bridges

    Georgia Taylor Bridges

    Jonathan Richard Bridges

    Clinton Alex Ashley

    Loretta Lillian Reyes-Ashley

    Marie Tanya Ashley

    Frederick Lloyd Ashley "Derick"

    Anthony Kyle Ashley

    Faith Carolyn Ashley-Hudson

    Theodore Allan Hudson "Theo"

    Mae Kristin Hudson

    Austin Jay Hudson

    Louis Edwin Ashley

    Amber Sophie Hunt

    Isaiah Leo Ashley

    Ida Janet Noble-Ashley

    Angelina Melanie Ashley "Lina"

    Riley Jennifer Ashley-Greer

    Alton Nicholas Greer

    Blake Wilson Greer

    David Mark Greer

    Leon Gregory Greer

    Charles Ayden Ashley

    Dana Lucy Clemons

  • Paula
    Lv 7
    5 years ago

    Charlotte Vivian Ford (nee Green)

    Marian Christina Ashley (nee Greer)

    Louise Eva Hudson (nee Ashley)

    Will Edmund Hudson

    Anna June Hudson

    Sally Georgia Hudson

    Richard Melvin Hudson

    Frank Arnold Ashley

    Lillian Karen Ashley (nee Clemons)

    Frederick Stanley Ashley

    Chris Anthony Ashley

    Carolyn Faith Watkins (nee Ashley)

    Corey Theodore Watkins

    Mae Carole Watkins

    Colby Philip Watkins

    Louis Caleb Ashley

    Sophie Heather Reyes

    Joel Isaiah Ashley

    Ida Maria Ashley (nee Noble)

    Breanna Tara Ashley

    Jennifer Yvette Parrish (nee Ashley)

    Nicholas Adam Parrish

    Brody Colin Parrish

    David Roosevelt Parrish

    Leon Leonard Parrish

    Charles Edward Ashley

    Lucy Rebecca Hunt

  • thumb
    Lv 5
    5 years ago

    Paternal Grandma: Charlotte Emily Greer

    Mom: Veronica Stacy Greer

    Daughter1: Eva Teresa Reyes

    Husband: Nathan Keith Reyes

    Girl1: Adrienne Alice Reyes

    Girl2: Georgia Taylor Reyes

    Boy: Jonathan Melvin Reyes

    Son1: Alex Arnold Greer

    Wife: Kelsey Bianca Greer

    Girl: Rosie Marie Greer

    Boy1: Calvin Stanley Greer

    Boy2: Anthony Kyle Greer

    Daughter2: Natalie Faith Noble

    Husband: Theodore Corey Noble

    Girl: Kristin Candice Noble

    Boy: Colby Jay Noble

    Son2: Caleb Herman Greer

    Fiancee: Sophie Heather Greer

    Son3: Joel Timothy Greer

    Wife: Ida Joanna Greer

    Girl: Angelina Tara Greer

    Daughter3: Riley Jennifer Watkins

    Husband: Adam Carl Watkins

    Boy1: Brody Colin Watkins

    Boy2: David Roosevelt Watkins

    Boy3: Leon Jesse Watkins

    Son4: Charles Roy Greer

    Wife: Rebecca Naomi Greer

  • Kaley
    Lv 4
    5 years ago

    Paternal Grandma: Sarah Charlotte Johnson

    Mom: Roxanne Veronica Hudson "Annie"

    Daughter #1: Eva Louise Hunt

    Husband: Will Nathan Hunt

    Madeline Anna Hunt "Mady"

    Taylor Arlene Hunt

    Jonathan Leroy Hunt "Jon"

    Son #1: Alex Clinton Hudson

    Wife: Lillian Karen Hudson "Lilly"

    Rosie Marie Hudson

    Calvin Lloyd Hudson

    Anthony Chris Hudson

    Daughter #2: Faith Carolyn Reyes

    Husband: Corey Theodore Reyes

    Kristin Mae Reyes

    Austin Jay Reyes

    Son #2: Louis Edwin Hudson

    Fiancée: Sophie Amber Green (soon-to-be Hudson)

    Son #3: Leo Isaiah Hudson

    Wife: Ida Maria Hudson

    Melanie Angelina Hudson

    Daughter #3: Riley Jennifer Greer

    Husband: Adam Alton Greer

    Blake Wilson Greer

    Ruben David Greer

    Levi Jesse Greer

    Son #4: Ayden Roy Hudson

    Wife: Naomi Lucy Hudson

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Charlotte Emily Clemons (nee Ashley)

    Veronica Christina Clemons (nee Watkins)

    Eva Louise Johnson (nee Clemons)

    Edmund Nathan Johnson

    Madeline June Johnson

    Helen Taylor Johnson

    Jonathan Melvin Johnson

    Alex Clinton Clemons

    Loretta Bianca Clemons (nee Reyes)

    Rosie Tanya Clemons

    Calvin Frederick Clemons

    Chris Anthony Clemons

    Natalie Faith Greer (nee Clemons)

    Theodore Allan Greer

    Mae Dawn Greer

    Philip Austin Greer

    Edwin Louis Clemons

    Sophie Amber Black

    Isaiah Timothy Clemons

    Ida Maria Clemons (nee Hudson)

    Angelina Tara Clemons

    Jennifer Riley Ford (nee Clemons)

    Nicholas Adam Ford

    Blake Colin Ford

    Claude Ruben Ford

    Leon Gregory Ford

    Edward Ayden Clemons

    Naomi Rebecca Clemons (nee Hunt)

  • !!
    Lv 6
    5 years ago

    Paternal Grandma: Emily Hilda Noble

    Mom: Veronica Marian Noble

    DD1: Alma Louise Reyes

    DH: Will Edmund Reyes

    DD1: Anna Adrienne Reyes

    DD2: Taylor Arlene Reyes

    DS: Fernando Jonathan Reyes

    DS1: Clinton Gilbert Noble

    DW: Karen Kelsey Noble

    DD: Tanya Marie Noble

    DS1: Calvin Stanley Noble

    DS2: Brandon Anthony Noble

    DD2: Faith Doreen Bridges

    DH: Corey Theodore Bridges

    DD: Dawn Kristin Bridges

    DS: Colby Jay Bridges

    DS2: Edwin Caleb Noble

    DF: Ina Amber Green

    DS3: Sean Joel Noble

    DW: Joanna Maria Noble

    DD: Tara Melanie Noble

    DD3: Jennifer Yvette Parrish

    DH: Nicholas Alton Parrish

    DS1: Wilson Blake Parrish

    DS2: Ruben David Parrish

    DS3: Gregory Jesse Parrish

    DS4: Ayden Roy Noble

    DW: Naomi Dana Noble

  • 5 years ago

    Charlotte Emily Black (neé Clemons) | Lottie, 98

    Christina Marian Black (neé Hudson) | Chrissy, 72

    Louise Eva Greer (neé Black) | Louise, 52

    Nathan Edmund Greer | Nate, 53

    Madeline Alice Greer | Maddie, 22

    Georgia Taylor Greer | Gigi, 21

    Jonathan Fernando Greer | Jon, 18

    Alex Clinton Black | Alex, 50

    Lilian Kelsey Black (neé Bridges) | Lily, 47

    Rosie Marie Black | Rosie, 18

    Frederick Lloyd Black | Freddie, 15

    Anthony Brandon Black | Ant, 14

    Natalie Faith Noble (neé Black) | Natalie, 49

    Theodore Corey Noble | Theo, 51

    Candice Mae Noble | Candice, 16

    Austin Jay Noble | Austin, 15

    Louis Caleb Black | Louis, 44

    Stephanie Amber Green | Steph, 38

    Joel Isaiah Black | Joel, 42

    Joanna Maria Black (neé Ashley) | Anna, 40

    Angelina Tara Black | Angelina, 13

    Jennifer Riley Ford (neé Black) | Jen, 38

    Adam Nicholas Ford | Adam, 43

    Blake Wilson Ford | Blake, 13

    Ruben David Ford | Ruben, 12

    Levi Leonard Ford | Levi, 7

    Charles Edward Black | Chuck, 35

    Naomi Rebecca Black (neé Parrish) | Naomi, 31

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