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What do you think about Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's Impact! Wrestling moving to Thursdays on Pop! TV?

Pop! TV Previous The TV Guide Channel will be moving Total Nonstop Action Wrestling's Impact! Wrestling to Thursdays.

Is this Billy Corgan admitting that TNA Pre-Taped product has no chance in hell going toe to toe with World Wrestling Entertainment's Smackdown!, but hasn't Total Nonstop Action Wrestling been hyping themselves up as 'The Best Real Pro Wresslin' on television'. Seems somebody can't put money on what they say... I wonder why.

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    It's Tuesday nights where I live. Over the years, TNA has lost its TV deals first on Spike and then on Destination America. It was a smart business decision for them to move to Tuesday nights and not compete with WWE's flagship show Monday Night Raw in a head-to-head ratings war, which TNA is sure to lose. TNA is lucky they're still on television and secured a deal with POP. Financial survival is on the minds of TNA, not competing with the WWE.

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    It's a smart move, I don't know if wwe thought they was going to kill tna by moving to Tuesday's, but it would be stupid if wwe keeps moving smackdown to try and go after a company so much smaller.

  • ?
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    moving to different time slot so often is gonna confuse the fans.

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