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Who's side are you on? Tom Hiddleston or Calvin Harris?

I heard Calvin Harris is writing a song about Taylor Swift cheating on him with Tom Hiddleston. I hope he rips into them both and the song becomes a hit.

I used to be a Tom Hiddleston fan until I found out he stole Taylor from Calvin. I don't condone cheating. Tom could have any available woman he wants and he decides to steal another man's girlfriend. I am all for Calvin. I hate Tom Hiddleston. Oh and Tom, once a Cheater, always a cheater. Don't think she won't do it to you too. What comes around, goes around. Who agrees?

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    Calvin -

    Really turned me off Tom Hiddleston since he's paired up with Taylor Swift, I think he's creepy now. Calvin is much sexier, Imo. Taylor will probably dump him in a year's time and then will write her awful songs for a new album about it all.

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    I don't believe there are sides. Calvin is a successful man who will do just fine without Taylor. They ended things with love and respect for eachother. People are over analyzing and reading too far into subtle hints/things because the media wants to create drama. There is no HUGE story, the two dated and are now over. I don't understand why people need to dissect their break up. NOBODY knows what REALLY went down except for Taylor and Calvin, so there is no need to choose sides. Tom is also a successful lad! I have a lot of respect for Taylor and always will, she is a generous young women with a lot of class. It is important to understand that they are under a microscope and we don't know what the events/feelings that went .. Only they do. Taylor is 26, she is young and at an age where people date a lot.. And she is also human. I do not know the full story so I have no place judging anyone involved.

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    Taylor plays the victim with all her boyfriends. It can't all be them it has to be some fault with her

    I truly believe she just uses men for songs and publicity

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    Team Calvin, not because I like him but because I can;t stand cheaters.Swift got some nerve, writing songs whining about how guys cheated on her and she goes and does the same thing.But they won;t be together long, the same way you get them is how you lose them.

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    I'm sorry but there are actually REAL problems in the world.

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