If you had five kids, 3 girls, 2 boys, and they had to have a certain theme to their names what would you name them?

Only first names have to be in the theme. EX: Same first letter, old fashioned names, unisex names, etc

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  • EmCee
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    4 years ago
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    Unisex names:

    Whitney Caroline

    Jude Anastasia

    Padgett Josephine

    Dawson Reid

    Finley Luca

    Same First Letter:

    Caroline Ivy

    Cordelia Grace

    Calloway Beatrice

    Callaghan Reid

    Christian Thomas

    Old Fashioned Names:

    Callaghan Reid

    William Carlyle

    Eleanor Grace

    Beatrice Katharine

    Vivienne Anastasia

    British/Hauty Names and S middle names:

    Georgia Sable

    Campbell Schrader

    Padgett Seraea

    Merritt Sutton

    Brigham Stratford

    Hipster Names

    Rogue Penelope

    Lux Averin

    Cleo Mathilde

    Fox Griffin

    Cruz Gregory

    Country/Southern Names

    Gracie Analiese

    Willa Kate

    Jane Poppy

    Sampson Crew

    Brooks Augustus

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  • 4 years ago

    Same First Letter:

    Lila Marie

    Luna Clair

    Lucy Elizabeth

    Loche William

    Liam Jonathan

    Old Fashioned:

    Eliza Emerson

    Marie Juliet

    Katherine Clair

    William Thomas

    James Henry


    Devin Marie

    Peyton Juliet

    Tyler Elizabeth

    Cameron William

    Jordan Thomas

    My own:


    Dawn Elizabeth

    Rose Alexandra

    Willow Juliet

    Bay Jonathan

    Loche William

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  • 4 years ago

    Old fashioned:

    Theodore James - Theo

    Matthew Connor - Matt

    Adaline Florence - Ada

    Rosalai Isabelle - Rose

    Ginevra Gracelyn - Ginny

    Greek mythology:

    Apollo James

    Poseidon Connor

    Artemis Gracelyn

    Maia Arden

    Theia Juniper


    Loki James

    Thor Jackson

    Grey Natalia

    Darcy Louise

    Rogue Lucienne

    The Vampire Diaries:

    Elijah Vincent

    Damon Nicholas

    Elena Marie - Elle

    Rosemarie Elizabeth - Rose

    Lillian Madi - Lilya

    Same letter:

    Atticus Pellinore - Kit

    Alekzandr James - Alek

    Adaline Florence - Ada

    Amalie Gracelyn - Lia

    Avalon Darcelyn - Darcy

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  • 4 years ago

    First names with double letters

    Annabel Jayne

    Lillian Rose

    Charlotte Grace

    Harrison Eric

    William Noah

    Starting with a vowel

    Victoria Ruby

    Indiana Skye

    Estelle Zoey

    Andrew Cory

    Oliver Kyle

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  • ashley
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    4 years ago

    Unisex names:

    • Keagan Lily

    • Brookkyn Skye

    • Elliott Belle

    • Harper James

    • Beau Alexander

    4 letter names:

    • Aria Rose

    • Maia Scarlett

    • Lila Gracen

    • Ezra Samuel

    • Acer Finley

    'Classic' names:

    • Lucy Rose

    • Charlotte Elyse

    • Isobel Kate

    • Samuel Lucas

    • Ezra Joseph

    Pretty little liars:

    • Aria Willow

    • Hanna Jasmine

    • Melissa Grace

    • Wren Alexander

    • Toby River

    Greek mythology/names

    • Athena Lillie

    • Phoebe Jade

    • Maia Elodie

    • Apollo Isaac

    • Percy William

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  • Sam
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    4 years ago

    Same initials:

    Emilia Catherine

    Eliana Charlotte

    Evie Caroline

    Ethan Cooper

    Emmett Carter

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  • 4 years ago

    Names meaning "red"


    Scarlett Lucia

    Garnet Isobel

    Ruby Adeline


    Reid Atticus

    Adam Finnigan

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  • Jenny
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    4 years ago

    Amelia Rae

    Arthur James

    Anton Ronald

    Annabelle Claire "Anna"

    Aurelia Rose

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Place names:

    Jackson Tucker

    Emmett Andrew

    Clare Katharine

    Holly Jane

    Shelby Jo

    All first names places in Michigan.

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  • 4 years ago

    Aurora Lyla

    Willow Ava

    Violet Elyse

    Forrest Chase

    Vega Noah

    Rory, Willa, Vi, Forrest, and Vega

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