Late Tax return Refund check over $5000, Where can it be cashed?

I received my income tax check just last week, and tried to cash it at Wells Fargo.

Now listen, I am in debt to Wells Fargo because my checking, savings and credit account with them have all been closed(due to debts to them).

Wells Fargo said they can't cash it because of my accounts(I guess it's a TRUST THING with banks).

Next, went to WALMART, they can't cash anything over $2000. Only During Tax time they could cash check up to $5000, but it don't check is over that limit.

Next, I tried cashing it at a Check cashing place called "Check N Go", the fee is $140 to cash it SHEESH, and they don't even give me it all in cash, they said "We'll give you $260 in cash and the rest on a prepaid Visa Card!".

I was going to go through with it, but changed my mind at the very last second and thought.."I could do alot with $140 extra in my pocket." and left.

So are there any other options here?

I don't trust anyone with this amount of money, so I'm not signing it over to "a friend" or "family" that's out.

Is it possible to open a another checking account at a different bank even tho I'm in debt with Wells Fargo?

Any other ideas will be grateful!

Thank You in Advance!

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  • Bob
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    4 years ago
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    You need to go to a bank, open an account, deposit it and wait 10 days, take all the money out and close the account

  • 4 years ago

    There are check cashing places all over the place that will happily cash it for percentage. If you don't want to pay a fee open a bank account with the check. The check will have to clear before you gain access to it, but now a days the clearance time is minimal, especially one from the government (like 2-3 days). If you have a federal reserve bank in your city you could just go there to cash it too.

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