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Anonymous asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 4 years ago

Lots of people are overweight these days..?

Today I went to Walmart to grab a few things and lo and behold a crap ton of overweight people. This mainly happened to the adults i saw. It just made me think. And I can honestly swear to god there were honestly

5-10 people I saw that were decently fit. I live in California fyi

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  • BIll
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    4 years ago
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    Yes, the FDA said we have officially reached 51% obesity in the US. There are more fat people than thin. The sick part is I know exactly where to find both groups who institutionally segregate themselves and I know why. It was Healthy People 2010/2020 that made everyone think being fit was cool. It was meant to make people in general fit. But rich people said OK, and joined gyms, poor people starved themselves and gorged on soda. Wal-Mart and the "low end" markets are a perfect storm of being a place everyone needs to go and a place where everyone is likely overweight.

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    4 years ago


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