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Anonymous asked in TravelUnited StatesOther - United States · 5 years ago

Road trip from MI to KY, Tenn and NC, where are some good places to stop at?

I will be taking a road trip alone from MI to KY, Tenn and NC... where are some good places to stop at? I want to see lots of stuff and dont mind stopping every few miles but I have never been in ANY of these states and want to have fun mystery spots, big balls of twine, largest frying pan, ANYTHING... and I am interested in the best places to stop and eat , small mom & pop shops rock!

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    5 years ago
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    Depends where you start in MI.

    Assuming you go down I75.

    Stop in Frankenmuth.

    Visit Bronners.

    Stop at Birch run.

    Eat at Tony's

    Take a long nap.

    Don't drink the water in Flint.

    South of Flint take US 23 south

    Stop in Ann Arbor.

    Take I 94 to Dearborn.

    See the Henry Ford Museum and Greenfield Village.

    Bypass Toledo and rejoin I75.

    Stop in Cincinnati.

    See fountain square and orchestra hall.

    Get baked goods.

    Eat ice cream and chili.

    Go to the zoo.

    See the creation museum and the giant ark in northern KY.


  • 5 years ago

    first of all you need to decide on a route and then you can ask for interesting things to see along there. Also, go online to the tourism web site for each state and they will send you, usually free, all sorts of books, maps and pamphlets about the sites to see in that state.

  • 5 years ago

    This is question is like so boring omg like go stop at ur nearest KFC MC Donalds and eat some chicken and yeah refiil on all dat pepsi , and get dat chicken and eat all dem fries and then go eat a Mac Attack find ur local pizza hutt there u go ur done go back home for free accomodation. the end. IDK wtf

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