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Jason asked in Politics & GovernmentPolitics · 3 years ago

Why is Ohio so great ?

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    3 years ago
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    The food there taste awesome everywhere you go the Sun in the sky the light in the air the colors in the clouds it's so beautiful when it snows it's almost like a crystal clear blue what you would imagine the ocean would look like at Sunset but it's all day long in Ohio there is everything and anything that you could possibly find and it's a Tri-State, and it has the most important part of historical recognized city which is Cincinnati in the history of the United States I'm not kidding it's really important to take care of and notice the difference that you're not in control of the past because it's a landmark it's the heart of it all it's the Midwest it's Ohio and it's fun too because some people just say hi because of the name Ohio and the history also has it that there was a war because Ohio itself means beautiful or in other words a beautiful water after the river valley and the French didn't want to keep the name Native American so they went to war over it even though the French help fight during the Indian War we had to fight for the State of Ohio's name and the river valley which is part of the Midwest it's very very vital. I apologize if any of my slang might have come out different but my accent is more literal then what slang would be taken for serious which could make Ohio round on both ends and high in the middle. Man you got the Rolling Hills of the Appalachian Mountains go out for a run breathe and they take care of their world 2 I love it they have like smog alerts and stuff the ones you like the air is polluted please respect that please respect your neighbor help them out give them or I'd be friends sounds kind of Ohio you think I'm wrong because the skyline of Ohio was actually taken from Kentucky and it's a restaurant that's very famous as well but unfortunately it was on the Kentucky side but belongs to Ohio so it has to remain Ohio to Ohio is Ohio I hope I'd let you find the detail without having to drive you like crazy

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    It's not

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    3 years ago

    It's not. Theres only black people there

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      What does the makeup to make up with you menat to be in Ohio

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