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Struggling to choose gaming laptop to the point of insanity.?

So I have actually never had a laptop before but I'm not an idiot when it comes to what makes a good one. I've been researching for a week or so for a good budget gaming laptop I can get (for about €1000).

I live in Ireland so laptops here aren't as cheap and it's much harder to buy MSI laptops and Razorblade laptops here.

I've narrowed my choice down to three choices:

Asus ROG GL552 - €1150

Dell inspiron 7559 - €999

Dell XPS 15 9550 - €1450

Note : I would be using the laptop for some gaming, watching videos, some editing work and everything in between.

I know the XPS 15 isn't a gaming laptop but I love the overall fit and finish and it does have an NVidia GTX 960m.

Also I am just wondering which of these laptops would perform the best while gaming and does the ddr3 ram in the dell inspiron effect much of anything (the two others have ddr4)

Dell has 4gb gddr5 (how does this differ from the 2gb in the two others)

Lastly the dell Inspiron has a 4k option which I'm not sure if I should get, the extra €250 isn't an issue and I would love the picture quality but is this what you want if you're gaming?

Thank you for your assistance any other laptop recommendation are welcome!

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  • TWB
    Lv 7
    5 years ago
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    Go with the ASUS. It has good specs and will handle most without any problems. It will not play games like GTA in high settings but it will still make a good gamer.

    ASUS does not modify Windows as bad as the other manufacturers and is a leader in heat dissipation. They have excellent build quality. They might add a lot of bloat but they also makes it easy to get rid of it. Their customer support and technical service is far better then the others and they have excellent online support.

    Dell once made a good system and fell from grace. They are now struggling to regain their place in the market. Dell goes out of there way to make it difficult for people to download what they need, and treat drivers as if they are state secrets. They DO NOT sell recovery media for system out of warranty. This is just one of many customer service problems with this company.

    Source(s): TWB 35+ years of experience in the service industry. You name it, I have probably fixed it. I have spent a life time taking things apart, seeing how they are made and fixing them. The difficult we do right away, the impossible just takes a little longer. I'm old school. I show others respect. I will always help when needed. That is the country way. I hear voices, so please be quiet so I can listen to them.
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