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Panama as a Retirement Choice?

I intend to join the US Marine Corps as a rifleman and get out and use both the experience and my benefits to put myself through college and find a job either as a Correctional Officer or just a police officer. After that, I want to retire somewhere nice, like Panama. I've heard that it's beautiful, the healthcare is up to US standards in a lot of places, they use the US dollar, and the water there is very clean.

To anyone who has visited Panama - What is it really like? Do a lot of people speak English or should I try learning Spanish now? How expensive are the suburbs/outskirts of Panama City/IN Panama City?

Any answers on what Panama is like will be appreciated.

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    Panama is one of the most 'Americanized' countries outside the USA, so, yes, it has systems very similar to those in the USA but without the cost. From your description, it sounds as if you are looking for a fortune teller..the future is hard to predict but it is only logical to assume that Panama will get more and more expensive as retirees (and others) exploit relatively inexpensive housing now and make it unaffordable in the not so distant future. An alternative are neighbors to the north and south. Costa Rica is already on the band-wagon and housing costs are rising daily. Ecuador has not yet been capsulized by the world's real estate markets..and the coast of Ecuador is fabulous and still 'cheap'..just stay away from Guayaquil.

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