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Brexit what does it mean?

I never understood what it meant? Is it bad for the brits to leave Europe? I don't understand what's going on it's happening really fast. Does it mean Britain isn't going to get any support best answer gets 5 stars.

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  • Clive
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    4 years ago
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    We are not leaving Europe. Europe is a continent. The vote was to leave the European Union.

    The EU does some good things. The biggest one is the Single Market, which means that between all the countries in it, there are no customs taxes, no customs paperwork, and that all makes life easier for businesses buying and selling to other countries in the EU. It's as if it were all one big country for trading in. It also means there is no duty-free shopping when you travel between EU countries, but that's rather a small point - that in itself means, for example, that if I as a Brit go to France and find some really nice French wine, I could fill up my car with cases of it and there will be no extra tax on taking it home. (Yes I know we're an island but I CAN take my car to France - there is the Channel Tunnel or I can take my car on a car ferry boat.) I'm not restricted to just one or two bottles.

    What the EU also has is freedom of movement, which means anyone from any EU country can just go and live in any other, no questions asked, no visa required. THAT is what a lot of Brits don't like - it has meant a lot of other Europeans just coming here and "they're taking our jobs!" And we're quite a crowded country already. If you're American, think about squeezing 1/5 of the entire US population into a space the size of one medium-sized state. That's what it is here.

    Leaving means we can control who comes here. And it will save some money because we are a net contributor to the EU budget. It costs around £150 million per week to belong to it, and that pays for the bureaucracy and helping out other EU countries. It's not a question of getting any support, because as one of the richer countries we're supporting the rest! It looks like a big figure, but if you actually compare it with how much the UK government spends every week, it's not that much.

    Another thing we don't like is that the EU can make law that has to apply to us. Most of this is about food standards and environmental stuff, it's small detail, and when you can just freely sell stuff to all of the EU it makes sense - imported food SHOULD meet the same standards as our own. It happens in the US - the FDA sets food standards so you can be sure whatever state you're in, the standards are the same. But a lot of Brits don't understand this and think the EU makes more law than it actually does. I've even seen an answer on this site from someone who thinks the EU has to approve all law our Parliament makes. Now that IS seriously deluded!

    To take an example of a couple more EU laws that got objected to here, the EU has banned the traditional type of light bulb so we can only buy the fluorescent low-wattage kind, and it has restricted the wattage of vacuum cleaners so you can only buy more modern ones that give the same cleaning power for less electricity. I really am not going to complain about my electricity bills getting less!

    The trouble with the EU is it wants to be more than all that. It wants to create a United States of Europe - now that IS going too far and there is a lot of unrest in other European countries about that. The EU has already created the Schengen agreement, which means no border checks between the countries that sign up to it, and the euro, the single currency. The UK opted out of both of those, quite right too, and events since may well be telling other EU countries that those were BAD ideas.

    You can tell my position... I voted Remain, because of all the good things, but I agree it shouldn't go any further. It should have stayed as just a trade agreement. On all that, I'm in total agreement with David Cameron, our Prime Minister. Hopefully it will all turn out OK, and maybe us voting for Brexit might encourage other countries in the EU to do the same - then we can start again and do it right. But I think we made a huge mistake.

    • James4 years agoReport

      Thanks, I was totally lost.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago


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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    I don't understand why you yanks even care its nothing to do with you keep your noses out ffs. I bet the majority of yanks before brexit made the news thought Europe was what you used to lasso cattle

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