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Rate my fantasy football team?

10-team league.

QB: Derek Carr

RB1: Le'Veon Bell

RB2: Doug Martin

WR1: Brandon Marshall

WR2: Demaryius Thomas

TE: Tyler Eifert

FLEX: Desean Jackson

D/ST: Raiders

K: Blair Walsh


WR: Michael Crabtree

WR: Kevin White

WR: Allen Hurns

RB: Justin Forsett

RB: LeGarrete Blount

TE: Antonio Gates

RB: Charles Sims

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    It's decent enough, but you can't possibly ride Carr all season long. There's only a handful of QBs who are matchup proof, meaning you start them every week. Carr might work in some matchups, but you need another guy as part of a tandem.

    In a league this size, someone will be out there. Dump someone on your bench.

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  • Leche
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    4 years ago

    You could've done better at QB for a 10 team league. Bell is likely going to serve that 4-game suspension so snagging DeAngelo in the later rounds was a missed opportunity. Doug is a decent RB2, but your depth beyond that is terrible if Forsett doesn't turn out to be the feature back for the Ravens. You have decent depth at WR, but your top options, perhaps even Marshall, aren't likely to finish in the top tier this season. This is a borderline playoff team if you address some of the problems I pointed out and manage your team properly during the season. It's not terrible, but for a ten team league you're definitely not a contender.

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  • 4 years ago

    Pretty solid... except for your flex and defense. For flex, I would switch out Desean Jackson for Michael Crabtree because Desean's aging and is injured pretty often (Since Crabtree's on your bench, I'm assuming he's a late draft pick so he is a steal imo). Raiders' defense is alright, but I would wait until after Week 1 of the reg season and pick up a good defense from waivers.

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  • 4 years ago

    This looks like a solid team with epth as long as Carr stays healthy.

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