I need Help with a Idea with Downgrading!!!?

I have an idea but I must fill you in on what happend befor I tell you! My Ipod 5th generation ios 7.1.2 Jailbroken 32gb crashed it got stuck on the apple logo so I didn't want to restore to ios 9 but I had no other choose so here I am with ios 9.3.2 {Which is SUPER SLOW!!!] and I wanted to know if this is possible. Their was another guy who said he accidentally restored hes ipod with a iphone 4s ipsw not using itunes he used some other tool. I cant find the page again cuz i cleared my history. but I wanted to know if I got a Ipod 4 Ipsw ios 6.1.6 or Iphone 4 ipsw ios 7.1.2 Which tool could I use to not get the error that its not compatable or not for this device. So basically I want to restore my Ipod 5th Generation ios 9.3.2 32Gb with another device that apples ipsw is currently being signed. Does anyone know or can make a tool that can do that? For Free of course. :D Thank you for your time and Response in advanced!

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  • ?
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    5 years ago
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    SHSH blobs are pretty useless now.

    "accidentally restored hes ipod with a iphone 4s ipsw not using itunes he used some other tool" That is false. You cannot use the SHSH blobs of another device. SHSH blobs are specific to each device.

    What you are trying to accomplish is impossible. Sorry.

  • Allan
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    5 years ago

    Did you save your SHSH blobs before updating? If so I think you can, however I cannot recall the program, but you can go to r/jailbreak on Reddit and they might tell you how. But you need those blobs.

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