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Google slides app permissions?

Why does google slides need permission to use my microphone and my camera?


Oh I wasn't worried about it for privacy reasons I just didn't know what they needed access to them for that's why I posted this question.

Update 2:

That doesn't answer my question fred. And I'm talking about the google slides app and my question has nothing to do with computers.

Update 3:

I didn't find the record videos but I found the record voice option on google slides so I'll give you 3 stars.

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    Usually google on default does this to use in future-related microphone and camera things.

    On google slides you can record videos and record voice.

    I wouldn't worry, google is a trustworthy company.

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    5 years ago

    NOTHING outside of the computer should EVER use your internal components without you giving permission. Otherwise hackers would own every computer in the world.

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