Do you need to read the Percy Jackson series?

Okay, so I just finished the Lost Hero (5 hours ago-ish) i rushed through it in 3 days. Do I have to read the Percy Jackson series to understand it? I knew it was a sequel, just didn't acknowledge it.


Also, if you can, give references from the Lightning Thief that were put in the Lost Hero.

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    The lost hero features characters that weren't in the PJ books, so not to understand that one. However the rest of the books feature characters from PJ, and they often reference things like the titan war, or the labyrinth. So I suppose it's not vital for you to read it in order to follow the H.O.O books, however there will be things that make a lot more sense f you do. Plus it's a good series. If I were you, I would stop reading HOO, then read PJ, then go back to it.

    I don't remember many references in the lost hero. I'm pretty sure that it mentions that Thalia, Jason's sister, used to be a tree. In mythology, a king was given a prophecy that a person with one sandal would take his thrown. That person ended up being the original Jason. Similar to how Annabeth had a dream or something saying that a man with one shoe would be able to help her find Percy, and that person was Jason. And Festus was originally introduced in PJ, however he wasnt festus at the time. IDK what Beckendorf called him. Thats all the references I can remember. I've read like 5 1/2 books since I read the lost hero, so I'm sure I didnt get them all, but those are the ones I can remember.

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    I don't really follow this. If you enjoyed 'The Lost Hero' and want to read more of the same kind of book, then why not read the Percy Jackson series? But obviously you don't have to if you don't want to.

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    I mean... that depends on you. Did you understand it? If yes, then you don't *have* to read the rest of them - however, reading the other books gives more background information and deepens the story somewhat so it might be worth it.

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