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Daniel Day Lewis or Leonardo Dicaprio?

Which actor is better and why?

I think to be honest, Dicaprio is hugely overrated and Day Lewis is one of the greatest actors of all time.

Day Lewis is way better in Gangs Of New York, the film that Day Lewis and Dicaprio did together.

I never liked Dicaprio in any film, he is embarassing when in films with legends like Day Lewis, Jack Nicholson and Gene Hackman.

It is hard to imagine acting before Day Lewis, i mean crao actors like Brando, De Niro and Pacino cannot act compared to Day Lewis.

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    Daniel Day Lewis, he just seems to completely morph himself into his character.

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    I think Leonardo DiCaprio is a fantastic actor. When I first saw him in "What's Eating Gilbert Grape", I thought that he REALLY was learning disabled -- he nailed it! And I work with kids with learning disabilities so I think I'm a good judge of an accurate portrayal.

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