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What hair straightener, 50$ or under should I buy to have hair like Kylie Jenner?

I would buy the Kardashian ceramic straightener but it exceeds my budget. I'm fifteen years old. I want my hair to be silky straight and I know that looked can be achieved with their hair products. Which alternative hair straightener should I purchase? Also, what qualities should I look for in a hair straightener?

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    Kylie Jenner wears wigs. She has damaged her hair so much by dyeing and styling it with heat. Stay away from excessively dyeing/heating your hair. Kylie herself admits that her hair is extremely damaged! On SnapChat, Kylie said: "The top of my hair, is like, kind of destroyed from my bleach, so I'm, like, self-concious about it."

    When you use a straightener, you are breaking the hydrogen bonds within your hair. The bonds are fixed once H2O is added, but the hair looses its vitality, shine, and softness. making chemical changes to the structure of your hair is never a good idea. Instead, try de-frizzing products for some beachy waves. You can also blow-dry your hair with a round brush to get a controlled and sleek look. It is fine to straighten your hair once in a while, for a school dance, an awards ceremony, graduation, prom, but do not make it a daily routine. When you do straighten your hair, use a straightener with ceramic, floating, plates instead of metal ones. The Kardashian straightener is no better than any other ceramic-plated straightener, it is just endorsed by them. They are paid to put their faces on it because companies know that they will see in increase in revenue.

    My advice is this: I know you don't want to hear this, but it is better to have soft, bouncy, curly hair than it is to have straight, wiry, brittle, crispy, and weak hair.

    You are only 15 years old, if you start heating your hair regularly at such an early age, I can guarantee that your hair will be incredibly damaged by adulthood. My mother only heated her hair for 10 years, but now, her hair became wiry like straw. No matter what she does, it will never return to its healthy state. To tame it, she has to heat it further, which only damages it more. The bottom line is: it is better to have beachy, curly hair than it is to look like a scarecrow. It might not happen immeadiately, but after 10 years your hair will be damaged beyond repair.

    Source(s): I've seen the damage it's done to my mother's hair.
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    Other hair products are just as good as theirs. Just because it's Kardashian branded, doesn't mean it's any different. But look for one with ceramic plates, not metal. You also want a straightener with floating plates. CHI brand hair straighteners range from $50+ and meet the qualities that I mentioned

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    You are just 15 years old, suggest some harmless hair straightening brush. you can know more on the bolesic .

    You can check the bolesic hair straightener on the google. It is so more hair straightener in here.

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    you're 15

    please learn this now

    just because a celebrity's face is on it

    doesn't mean it's actually any good

    you just want ceramic plates. i have a $30 straightener for groupon.

    my hair looks fantastic when i actually straighten it.

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