What Would You Name This Family?

Surname: McBride, Tuck, Fates, Bartel, Payne, Levinson


FN: James, Jeremy, William, Alfred, Myles, Owen

MN: Reid, Quentin, Matthew, Andy, Kenneth, Patrick


FN: Amelia, Charlotte, Audrey, Grace, Kathryn, Emily

MN: Harper, Laura, Antonia, Mary, Anna, Caroline

Son 1

FN: Ross, Felix, Thomas, Samuel, Noah, Alexander

MN: Michael, Charles, Jacob, Andrew, Alan, Liam

Daughter 1

FN: Annabelle, Olivia, Violet, Juliet, Johanna, Elizabeth

MN: Nora, Evelyn, Lily, Scarlett, Ella, Victoria

Daughter 2 (TWIN)

FN: Elsa, Abigail, Stella, Rose, Claire, Hannah

MN: Julia, Clara, Eleanor, Sophia, Avery, Sarah

Son 2 (TWIN)

FN: Elliot, Philip, Finn, Graham, Peter, Robert

MN: Warren, Wilson, Leo, Levi, Joseph, Ryan

Son 3

FN: Ethan, Lincoln, Isaac, Blaine, Wesley, John

MN: Dean, Stephen, Clay, Rudy, Preston, Evan

Son 4

FN: Caleb, Jackson, Mitchell, Emmett, Elijah, Daniel

MN: Dexter, Grant, Forrest, Logan, Raymond, Brooks

Daughter 3

FN: Molly, Madeline, Celeste, Ivy, Leah, Camilla

MN: Hazel, Margaret, Hope, Cecilia, Piper, Verity

Daughter 4 (TWIN)

FN: Ruby, Alice, Poppy, Lena, Sadie, Genevieve

MN: Diana, Pearl, Cordelia, Lydia, Rachel, May

Daughter 5 (TWIN)

FN: Natalie, Isabelle, Angela, Elyse, Aurora, Riley

MN: Georgia, Raine, Penelope, Rebecca, Willa, Gemma

Son 5

FN: Nathaniel, Edward, Luke, Sterling, Harrison, Byron

MN: Wyatt, Nicholas, Davis, Louis, Richard Stuart

Daughter 6

FN: Madison, Delilah, Iris, Naomi, Gillian, Lyla

MN: Autumn, Mia, Liana, Peri, Addison, Joy


Jeremy Matthew Payne- 47

Amelia Anna Payne nee Tuck - 46

Alexander Jacob Payne - 22

Elizabeth Lily Payne - 20

*Stella-Rose Sarah Payne - 18

*Elliot-Finn Wilson Payne - 18

Wesley Evan Payne - 16

Mitchell Forrest Payne - 14

Madeline Hope Payne - 11

**Ruby May Payne - 9

**Elyse Willa Payne - 9

Harrison Wyatt Payne - 6

Delilah Peri Payne - 5

Jeremy and Mia have

Alex, Eliza, Stella, Elliot, Wes, Mitch, Maddie, Ruby, Elle, Harry, and Lilah

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  • Kat
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    3 years ago
    Best Answer

    The Levinson Family

    William Patrick Levinson...Will Levinson

    Grace Antonia Bartel

    Will Levinson and Grace Bartel met while both were performing community service at a local soup kitchen for the homeless. It was love at first sight, and instead of dating, they immediatly got married. After a court wedding performed by a Justice of the Peace, they honeymooned at the local Motel 6, and Grace became pregnant. Will and Grace Levinson now have 11 children named...

    Alexander Charles Levinson...Lex Levinson

    Elizabeth Ella Levinson...Libby Levinson

    Stella Sophia Levinson

    Finn Joseph Levinson

    Lincoln Rudy Levinson...Linc Levinson

    Elijah Forrest Levinson...Eli Levinson

    Ivy Margaret Levinson

    Sadie Cordelia Levinson

    Angela Raine Levinson...Angie Levinson

    Edward Wyatt Levinson..:Eddie Levinson

    Lyla Autumn Levinson

    Lex, Libby, Stella, Finn, Linc, Eli, Ivy, Sadie, Angie, Eddie, and Lyla.

  • Hannah
    Lv 6
    3 years ago

    William Matthew "Will" Payne

    Grace Caroline McBride

    Alexander Charles "Alex" Payne-McBride

    Elizabeth Lily "Liz" Payne-McBride

    Claire Eleanor Payne-McBride

    Elliot Joseph Payne-McBride

    Ethan Even Payne-McBride

    Jackson Grant "Jack" Payne-McBride

    Ivy Cecilia Payne-McBride

    Genevieve Lydia "Ginny" Payne-McBride

    Isabelle Gemma "Issa" Payne-McBride

    Luke Nicholas Payne-McBride

    Delilah Joy "Lila" Payne-McBride

  • 3 years ago

    Father-Jeremy Patrick Payne

    Mother-Amelia Harper Payne

    Son 1-Noah Micheal Payne

    Daughter 1-Olivia Ella Payne

    Daughter 2 (TWIN)-Claire Eleanor Payne

    Son 2 (TWIN)-Peter Ryan Payne

    Son 3-Isaac Evan Payne

    Son 4-Caleb Grant Payne

    Daughter 3-Madeline Hope Payne

    Daughter 4 (TWIN)-Alice May Payne

    Daughter 5 (TWIN)-Aurora Rain Payne

    Son 5-Edward Louis Payne

    Daughter 6-Delilah Joy Payne

  • 3 years ago

    James Matthew (46) and Kathryn Anna (42) Payne

    Thomas Jacob (age 18)

    Elizabeth Scarlett (age 16)

    Hannah Sophia (twin age 15)

    Robert Levi (twin age 15)

    Wesley Dean (age 12)

    Elijah Brooks (age 10)

    Madeline Hazel (age 9)

    Genevieve May (twin age 7)

    Natalie Raine (twin age 7)

    Sterling Davis (age 4)

    Lyla Autumn (age 3)

    -James and Kathryn, Tommy, Beth, Hannah, Levi, Wes, Eli, Maddie, Ginny, Natalie, Davis, and Lyla Payne

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  • layla
    Lv 7
    3 years ago

    William Patrick Fates & Amelia Caroline Bartel

    Alexander Michael Fates

    Annabelle Victoria Fates

    Hannah Sophia Fates, Graham Levi Fates

    Ethan Rudy Fates

    Daniel Raymond Fates

    Molly Hazel Fates

    Ruby Diana Fates, Natalie Rebecca Fates

    Nathaniel Richard Fates

    Lyla Joy Fates

  • !!
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    3 years ago

    Jeremy Quentin Bartel + Grace Antonia Bartel

    Samuel Charles Bartel

    Johanna Lily Bartel

    Daughter 2 (TWIN)

    Stella Julia Bartel + Graham Wilson Bartel

    Isaac Clay Bartel

    Emmett Raymond Bartel

    Camilla Hazel Bartel

    Lena Diana Bartel + Natalie Willa Bartel

    Edward Louis Bartel

    Gillian Peri Bartel

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Surname: Levinson


    William Patrick Levinson (NN: NN: Liam)


    Amelia Mary Levinson (NN: Mia)

    Son 1

    Felix Andrew

    Daughter 1

    Elizabeth Victoria Levinson (NN: Beth)

    Daughter 2 (TWIN)

    Abigail Sophia Levinson (NN: Gail)

    Son 2 (TWIN)

    Philip Warren Levinson (NN: Pip)

    Son 3

    Wesley Dean Levinson (NN: Lee)

    Son 4

    Daniel Raymond Levinson (NN: Dan)

    Daughter 3

    Madeline Cecilia Levinson (NN: Maddie)

    Daughter 4 (TWIN)

    Alice Cordelia Levinson

    Daughter 5 (TWIN)

    Aurora Penelope Levinson (NN: Aura)

    Son 5

    Nathaniel Wyatt Levinson (NN: Nate)

    Daughter 6

    Naomi Liana Levinson

  • 3 years ago

    Myles Reid Payne

    Grace Anna Payne

    Noah Michael

    Elizabeth Lily (Ella)

    Claire Sophia

    Graham Ryan

    John Preston

    Jackson Raymond

    Leah Piper

    Poppy May

    Riley Raine

    Harrison Wyatt

    Delilah Addison

  • 3 years ago

    William Matthew Tuck

    Emily Anna Tuck

    Noah Charles Tuck

    Juliet Victoria Tuck

    Abigail Eleanor Tuck

    Finn Leo Tuck

    Ethan Dean Tuck

    Jackson Grant Tuck

    Madeline Piper Tuck

    Poppy Lydia Tuck

    Riley Georgia Tuck

    Luke Nicholas Tuck

    Madison Mia Tuck

  • 3 years ago

    Surname: McBride

    Father: William Matthew

    Mother: Kathryn Antonia

    Son 1 Alexander Liam

    Daughter 1 Olivia Evelyn

    Daughter 2 (TWIN) Elsa Avery

    Son 2 (TWIN) Elliot Ryan

    Son 3 Isaac Evan

    Son 4 Emmett Grant

    Daughter 3 Molly Hazel

    Daughter 4 (TWIN) Genevieve May

    Daughter 5 (TWIN) Aurora Raine

    Son 5 Nathaniel Wyatt

    Daughter 6 Delilah Autumn

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