Why do I always have the worst expernice on plenty of fish ??? (Pof dating site?)😳?

Okay I've been on this site before when I was 18, and yeah I was stupid at the time but EVERYTIME I met one of these guys in person they would always stop talking to me after ,because .... I wouldn't hook up with them like ? Now I'm 21 ,I work a lot and I'm new to where I live so I don't know anyone ,I thought why not try it again and I got 200 messages on it then there was this "nice guy" I started talking to and we exchanged numbers it was the same thing ,he liked my looks,complemented me a lot and played the nice guy act then we had a werid talk when he asked if I was a virgin then I said Yeahh then I also said I wouldn't get in his car when we meet (cuz he wanted to pick me up) and also I said I don't have sex on the first date. Then the day when we are supposed to meet,it doesn't happen ........

Like am I just doomed forever ????? Am I gonna end up alone if this always happens . I feel like this is how it'll be with every guy I meet

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  • 4 years ago
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    I tried Plenty of Fish and met several guys, got messages from a lot of different guys, and i discovered that this and most dating sites are like meat markets. Most of the guys on the site are looking for hookups (but LIE about it!). There IS an option on that site for "casual" but instead of doing that a guy will pretend like he's seeking a potential relationship. In any case, most of the guys i met were creepers. There were two who seemed decent and sincere about getting to know me, but i didn't feel that attraction, so i moved on.

    And no, don't let guys pick you up for dates if you meet them online. For the first few dates (if there are that many), meet them in a public place. It's not the brightest idea to let a guy know where we live.

    No you're not doomed forever. I will suggest the social site, Meetup.com. It's not a dating site, but a site where people in communities form special interest groups and get together to share activities. I have made a couple friends by going to meetups. I joined a couple hiking groups, an art group and sometimes i will go to an after work for dinner or happy hour group to socialize. You might check it out -- there are all sorts of groups, not just the types i mentioned. You have to register to find out what sorts of group activities are in your area. It's a safe site, as well.

    best wishes

  • paul
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    4 years ago

    Online date/chat sites , the general purpose for men, some women too is sex, not saying all, but for most, many not actually really single. If wants to know if a virgin? Clearly after sex. Try get to chat to people and really as a friend, not a dating site! Maybe the old fashioned way, meet someone in reality, a cafe etc? The fact that you are a virgin will be a magnet...you have saved yourself so far and stick with your morals etc , be patient, no need throw yourself into a relationship for the sake of it? Enjoy your life and when not searching , chances are it shall happen naturally and you get to know a man who is interested in you just because interested in you, as a person! If a guy ask pics your face, fine, maybe too wanting see pics so able see your height and figure/clothed! Once he starts asking body parts or sexual questions...he just wants sex!!! tc be safe and be lucky :-)

  • 4 years ago

    Give up on POF. All you will ever find there is guys that want a quick hook up.

    Try something like itsjustlunch.com

    There are nice guys out there, but you need to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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