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With Saber from Fate Stay Night, Fate/Zero if she pretended to be a man and is King Arthur does that mean she was married to Guinevere?

How would that work out? During the 5th or 6th century Britannia King Arthur was Catholic and the Catholic Church wouldn't had married two women. Was King Arthur and Guinevere's wedding staged in which they really weren't married? And would this also mean that even if Lancelot slept with Guinevere why would that matter to King Arthur whom was a woman in which her and Guinerere were not even married. Also how does Mordred work obviously he wouldn't be King Arthur's son two women could not in those days have a baby with each other was someone else the father other than Morgana Le Fay being Mordred's mother?

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  • 4 years ago
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    When Saber pulled Excalibur from the stone the magic of the sword took effect. So long as Saber acted like a king, no one would ever notice or care what her real gender was. It became something completely irrelevant.

    Her marriage to Guinevere was just due to the necessity of a king needing a wife, not out of love. Guinevere knew the truth about it and silently kept the burden of that lifestyle. Lancelot and Guinevere were in love with each other, but rather than causing trouble and letting the country fall to ruin, Lancelot helped support both of them from the shadows.

    Mordred was Saber's daughter. Merlin, a skilled and renowned mage at the time, used magic to temporarily turn Saber into a male, at least for reproductive purposes to produce an heir. In that short time, Saber conceived a child with her older sister, Morgan le Fay, who tricked Saber into it for her own malevolent plans.

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