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Anonymous asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 5 years ago

I have a GIANT crush on Louis Tomlinson and it's really bad?

I am in love with Louis Tomlinson from One DIrection, I have been in love with him since I was 12 and now I'm 16. For 4 years I have wanted to marry him and convinced myself I will so when he became a dad I was crying for so long but I'm still in love with him. Idc if he's a dad. NOw he has a girlfriend, Danielle Campbell and I actually cried when I found out they're dating I want them to break up and I am convicned I will marry him I have a Twitter account that was called @sweetielaughlou and I go on it all the time and direct message him about how cute and adorable, how lovable he is and how I want to kiss him in the rain I even saw his whole butt and I still love him, his butt is so round and cute. I am so in love and I think it's getting unhealthyas he is all I think about and I can't like anyone else becuase of my love for louistomlinson help


i heard he smells bad but idc

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  • Meow
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    5 years ago
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    You need to stop. I also used to be obsessed with One Direction and now I'm embarrassed by it. Louis isn't a great guy and you don't know him in real life. Celebrities do this thing where they act a certain way on camera so they have a good image. The reason they do it is because they get paid. I'm sorry but they don't care about their fans. Sure it's okay if you listen to their music and go to a concert or something but what you're describing is too far. Even on camera, Louis makes himself appear as a jerk. He doesn't care who's filming him or what the consequence is, he continued to misbehave and have a Justin Bieber image with all the stuff he does. You really want to marry a guy who goes to the club every night and gets drunk? Has a bad smoking habit? Has a baby with another girl? He's a celebrity. I'm not trying to make him seem like a bad guy or anything because he certainly isn't the only celebrity who's done those things. Most of them do. But really. Open your eyes. Stop kissing up to him! I'm not in any way trying to be rude but I was a crazy fangirl for three years and I know how embarrassing it was for me to kiss up to them and be so obsessed. It's a phase. Just stop thinking about him. Let him have a girlfriend, live his life, and find yourself a real guy who's not famous and is actually decent.

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